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    My aunt's little (female) dog is so aggressive; she bites everyone she can, including my grandchildren. When I discipline the dog, she doesn't like it; she broods and sometimes glares at me; (if looks could kill, I'd be dead). I'm starting to hate that little dog; Once my aunt sees I'm displeased with MOLLY, the dog, she sits on the couch, holds the dog and won't let her down. If Molly is too aggressive, she spanks, chokes, and yells at her. Yet, she thinks she has never hit her dog. I believe when she holds her and spanks her, the dog takes it as being "sicced" on whoever she's barking and growling at. I've had success at using a spray bottle of water, but can't be at the door everytime someone comes in; that's about every five minutes on the weekend and evenings; we just have a lot of family that come and go; particularly my 3 and 4 year old grand daughters; both have been bitten by Molly; I don't know what to do about this problem; I'm sick of that horrid little dog; the vet says he doesn't know of any sedatives for the situation; My aunt already grieves because she can't go home and live alone with Molly; Should I just ignore her glares? I constantly have to stop what I'm doing to shut that dog up and keep her off people, when I can get there in time; I hate dealing with these dark moods my intervention throws her into; anybody else ever have this problem?
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    It seems to me that the safety of the kids and whom ever else comes by your house should come befor the dog or your aunts feelings. She should let you do what ever it takes to get that dog to act right since you have given up your life to be there for her in her time of need.

    But if I were you I would do whatever I thought needed to be done to straighten out the problem , that way when it is done you will have less stress in your life.

    It is funny to me at times the things that we have to deal with to keep our people happy. Sometimes it is the littlest things that are the hardest to work out.Good luck with the dog, hope somebody is able to point you in the right direction, Tom
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    The dog sounds like the same kind as my friend's little yapper. hmmm, it sounds like your aunt's little dog is also being hurt - maybe the reason for his biting humans? If she's just holding the dog and not letting it down - that's probably ok - but it sounds like she is too rough with Molly. Maybe it would be a good idea to talk to your aunt about how she is treating her dog or suggest that the dog may be removed if she keeps choking and hitting it - even if she does it to discipline - it's not discipline to choke an animal or to hit it. Imagine what it would feel like to be choked and then how angry you would feel after. Molly may be reacting to her treatment. Suggest dog obedience school - this is so the owner of the dog can learn how to successfully discipline and treat their dog. If she doesn't accept these suggestions or it isn't a realistic possibility I would suggest you talk to the vet again about alternate care for the dog. Find out if the dog is trainable and/or finding a new home. Auntie may not be happy - but the dog is obviously not happy if it's biting people. Your grandchildren or anyone else are not happy or feeling safe when they are being bitten. Keeping Molly like this is not fair to her or your family and friends. Under the circumstances, if auntie is not well enough to make this kind of decision, she's probably not well enough to have the dog.