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    I am new to the boards and Fibro. I have had a diagnosis for about 2 years. My question is how do you know if you are in a flair? With constant pain how can a flair be worse? I am hoping someone will answer this so I can start to understand.


    Cissy aka BeadyLady
  2. vivian53

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    Cissy I'm sure you'll get many good answers on this board. Mine might not be one of them.

    You pose a good question.

    I think you've got the picture. I used to think the same thing when I heard people talk about flares and relapses. I was jealous.....I wanted to feel good enough to be able to at least tell when I felt worse again.

    That might be a clumsy way to say that I know what you mean, but I do.

    There is more knowledge now about this DD than there used to be, and many more effective treatments with the right health care team to provide them.

    I was bedridden for 2 years but actually went into partial remission about 5 years ago. I'm lucky, I feel good enough to have flares.

  3. HarleyRidingGal

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    Sorry to hear that you have joined the club of FM sufferers. I was diagnosed seven years ago but it took seven years before that to be diagnosed.

    My flairs have changed actually. When I was first diagnosed, I could tell I was in a flair because of the increase (can you believe it?) in pain especially my muscles, sometimes a slight increase in temperature and all I wanted to do was sleep. I remember my first flair, I slept the better part of three days and I'd wake up and feel tired like I hadn't slept at all, and just go right back to sleep. Also, my mind would just blank out at the littlest things and I couldn't hold onto anything. I would grab onto something and just drop it suddenly or couldn't grab anything at all. Then there was increased clumsiness. Just tripping and running into walls and just felt in a big fog.

    Mine are different now. That's the awful thing about this DD. Some people have worse symptoms than others. Some people have really bad this but not so bad that. It's so different for every person with it.

    I, too, am new to the board. It really does help to know you don't have to suffer alone and can ask just about anything at all. Someone out there is probably going through the same thing as you at one time or another and can offer support and sympathy.

    It's nice to meet you and I hope to see posts from you. Welcome!

    Blessings to you.

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    Yes it is very different for each of us and can be very different for us as individuals over time too. I have lots of flares but now I'm also in constant intractable pain and constantly ill as well. I used to be mostly well with lots of flares. That's the best way I can describe it right now. My flares come from any kind of exertion or stress-hits, mental, emotional or physical.
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  5. kellygirl

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    I believe I am in one now........excruciating pain just trying to get out of bed in the morning. Increased fatigue.

    I was functioning before, able to work in home health as an aide, going to school part time.

    Now, it takes me a few hours to get going in the morning, I work at a kiosk display sitting and talking to people, part-time as I have to recover from sitting.

    Sore throats on really bad days.

    In time, you will know. It could be that you are in one and this is not your "normal".
  6. Janalynn

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    Hi Cissy! Welcome to the boards!

    I could have posted the exact same thing when I first joined. I kept reading about these flares people had and I thought "I feel like crap all the time, what are they talking about".

    Now I get it - I have had times where I definitely feel better and worse - for no known reason.
    I'll go through a period of time where I just can't do anything for myself to feel better - the aches, the pain, the fatigue are much worse than normal. I don't know if that's what a 'flare' is, but that's when I just say, I'm definitely going through a much rougher time!

    I hope you find lots of information and support here. You will find that many people here share many of the same feelings and experiences that you do - that is very comforting.
    I hope you'll post your advice, opinions etc. as it can be very helpful to others.

    Very nice to have you here!!

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