Flaking away, my skin is so dry!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sumbuni, Aug 16, 2003.

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    Along with the dry skin, this week I have added some kind of rash on the top and side of my right upper leg, and the tops of both upper arms. It sometimes itches, and sometimes not. Also seem to be getting a collection of tiny red spots that will have a head that is so small that i cant tell if it is filled with fluid (clear) or infection. Breaking it doesn't git rid of it, it just comes back until IT decides to move on!...

    Also wondering why I keep getting the red streaks in the roof of my mouth...they are hot like there is fever or inflamation. Where does it come from??

    What could be causing either or both of these strange things??

    Everyday I am impressed with just HOW MANY things can go wrong with us!!...that's not impressed..."wow, ain't that great!", it's impressed..."OOOH CRAP...WHAT NEXT?"


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    Are you on any hormone replacement therapy? I can't believe the difference it made with my skin dryness.

    My hands used to crack and bleed every winter until I started on HRT, then........no more! I am SOOOO relieved! And the rest of my skin dryness is 100% better. I had no idea estrogen had so much to do with it!

    Haven't heard anything about red streaks on the roof of the mouth. Could it be allergy related? Are they there all the time or only after you eat/drink certain foods? They must be very uncomfortable if they are giving off heat!

    Hope this info helps, even a little.
    Take care.

    P.S. I agree with the "Oooooh crap, what's next?" :)
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    I tried it once,and the only thing that happened is I started having periods again. I figure that not having to put up with that was the only good thing about growing old! ((LOL))

    Actually, I decided that for one thing, You don't fix what ain't broke...this menopause is a natural occurance in life; and secondly, there has been a lot of controversy about whether hrt is a good thing or not...

    Still, I sometimes thing it might do my body good, if I just don't have to go back to the yukkies! (a know a lady who was in her 70's when her doc decided she needed hrt...and sure enough the yukkies were knocking on her door really soon...since then I've been told that her script was too strong and need to be adjusted.

    Thanks to the comeback...as for the spots in my mouth, I'm beginning to think it might be allergies of some sort. Here's a laugh, even though it's true...I ate peperoni pizza at my daughter's last week and it made my NOSE burn like I had sniffed pepper...and a bunch of it at that!

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    Those bumps sound like the same ones I have! Both upper arms, tops of shoulders, some on tummy and a few on my sides. If we have the same thing, they come from skin cells not sloughing off by themselves as well as they should. (That's a very simplified description - I did have an article on it around here somewhere but darned if I can remember where I put it.) What has helped me is exfoliating 2x/wk with a buff-puff in the shower, and 2x/day using an over-the-counter moisturizer with AHA. Doesn't completely make them go away, but does greatly improve texture of my skin. Some redness of the skin after buffing goes away in an hour or so.

    Used to have a prescription AHA lotion, didn't seem to do a better job than the one I'm using now and was more drying - perhaps because it was stronger. I have also read that this type of think can be a symptom of Vitamin A deficiency in some people. Have not checked into that or allergy since this skin care is helping.

  5. sumbuni

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    for all the input, it could be anything. I sweat alot at work, and i wonder if it's a reaction to that.