Flare caused by yoga

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by yuckie, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. yuckie

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    Help, I was feeling a little better last Wednesay and thought a little yoga stretching would be good for me. I did a 20 minute "gentle yoga" routine and felt ok. I went into a flare (worsening of symptoms) that afternoon and still have not recovered. My physical therapist suggested I continue but on a much modified approach. I think all that has done is caused my hip to be out of place and myriad of other associated problems. I have CFS, FMS and CMP. Has anyone else had this happen? Should I keep going or stop? I'm heading to a hot bath for now and will check in later. Thanks.
  2. Pianowoman

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    That happened to me a few weeks ago. It is frustrating because doing the yoga felt good. I guess we have to go very slowly like 5 min. at a time and hopefully work up. I think trying to do something is better than stopping.

    Hope the hot bath is soothing.
  3. laura81655

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    I am not able to do Yoga except some very basic easy stretches. It really flared me big time so I do stretching in a warm therapy pool. I have to stretch now in warm water for FM.

  4. yuckie

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    Thank you so much everyone for the replies. I am still really down but will continue some gentle stretching. As you said even 5 minutes helps. It also really helps to know I'm not alone. I wish I could figure out how to get off this roller coaster ride! I don't like it...it's scary!
  5. claudiaw

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    Sorry to hear that.

    It happen's to me all the time. My P.T. gives me exercies to do, I do them and flare.

    She say's just modify them. I do that and flare.
    I feel like my body fight's me ever step of the way.

    I also feel like my P.T. and doc's just don't "get"it.

    Take it easy do only what you can maybe do 5min. plus modify, if that is o.k. gradually work up to more( I mean add 2 or 3min. at a time).

    I tend to push myself, wanting to "make" my body comply so I can be "normal" and make my P.T. and doc's happy.

    Take it easy,
  6. Pianowoman

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    My Doc. says to increase by no more than 10% each time. Sometimes that's only a minute but I think it's the way we have to do it. I, too, am so sick of that rollercoaster!