Flare flare just go away and don't come back any day

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    I have teh cleanign bug and a burst of enregy tow nights ago and I was a busy bee, I cleaned the living room up and got mose of it finished and tool of the couch cousions and put teh vaccumon the couch adn vaccumed it and them vaccumed some of the floor. I then went to the kitchen adn cleaned off my stove and put the burner plates in the dishwasher & loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the counters too.
    I then did 2 loads of laundry and then I was exhusted and could not move any more. The energy has left me and will not come back to me. I over did it really badly and i have paid for over doing it for two days now. and i hate how i feel I so want to feel normal but we know that is not going to happen. SO I need to somehting else to do.

    I am missing someting in my life and it is not having babies as I can't anymore. But I need to find something that i want to do taht iwll fill me up and make me feel better. I want to feel like I am real again and not like a mummy who walks funny . I want to have the energy I once did but that iwll not haapen eigher. So I need to dind a better way to do thing and find someting that will help[ me to be a better person and to do more for others than for me. Becasue it is only in giving of your slef that you will turely be happy.

    I want to find the people who need to learn about life with in the bonds of fibromyaligia. But i don't know all the vonds taht it has for uys as each of use it different and a totely different person with differnt symoptons that wil change from time to time. WE are so different that i don't know how to express how i feell about all the ways that we feel.

    If I had the gift of writing i would write about the life of a person that is living with chronic pain thatn includes fibro, CMP, RSD, and the rest of the painfull symptoms, no one but us understnad thta pain kkthe sleepless nights and the stsiffness that was all hvae at one time or another. We are the same only differnt. Not all fo us have extremm pain and frustrations with it. And some of us have the abiliiy to walk and walk and not hurt .

    I don't know just how you survive with the pain from your fibro, I only know mine p ain limits andmine alone. I know that God has given me more than I can cope with. I am a person who wakes up every moring and as I Put my feet to the floor i feel like I hvae timey shocks going up and donnwn my feet and legs and some ttimes that pain is really greantand moveing in impossiable for me to do.

    Not only do I suffer fom fibro I also have dengenertive disc diease, chronic meyofacitispain syndorome, arthritis in both knees and left wrist adn in my lumbar spine, I have 2 buldging discs that could atany minute could rupture and case me intence pain that would be more than I could bear. Yet with all this pain i have in my life I still am human and have the feelings I always have had. I am a mom and worry about my girls and how they will understand what I have and they don't so I don't say who I feel any more and it hurts to not have you family believe in you. I am a person who likes to paint on wood and make things liek bears who have clothes and look all nice and cute, I make bears tell you I Love you. I like painting as it realaxes me and give me a place to go where the pain does not rule my world. Although I want this pain to leave and never come back I am real about it and know that it will always be here with me and it is I who will haev to come to the disision of how I will live ,my life . Will I let the pain and suffering rule and take tings from my life one at a time or will I finght it and some times over do just to be able to spend time with my family and friends? I need to let peeple know taht life with fibro is no day at the beach but I have yet to discover the words needed to make it show up adn for the reader to feel it when they readd this book , I lack that feeling but i keep looking for it.

    /so now and my achey breacky body are goin to go to bed adn try to sleep.
    thanks for all that you do in supporting me with everyting. I Lvoe you all and my god bless you all .
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS TO ALL}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    remeber than you are impportant and special and loveing.
    LOve you,
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    I know what you mean about trying to keep on keeping on and it being difficult.

    Just do what you can and don't beat up on yourself for what you can't do.

    I think that other fibromites are the only ones that have a real clue as to what we put up with.
    Keep your chin up,
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    just want to let you know there will always be someone who wont undertand the pain and you probably know this. my water heater broke down 2 days ago, my ex led me thru turning off pilot, shutting off water valve, and telling me to attach hose to waterheater so it wouldnt leak all over floor. then next day, i had to go to lowes to buy one or at least see what they had. when i was inside, i was so tired and so sore/my legs that i couldnt even think. i came outside and couldnt find my car--there were hardly any in the lot; but my legs hurt so badly i could barely walk; i started to cry and became afraid so i put a call in to my daughter (36) and had to go to voice mail. said, i just wanted you to be with me bc i am here, am sick with so much pain and cant find my car. that was at 9:30 a.m. she called back 2:30 pm after i was home--i said i really hoped she cared enough to call me back. and she said that is what i am doing. and i said its hours later. and she said, yes, ok, good bye. this is the daughter for whom i am preparing a large bridal shower at my home with help of 2 of her friends and 1 daughter of mine. also, it was so hard to shop for bridal gown with her. and this is what i get for it. by the way, i am 66 and i live alone--no help and no empathy when i need it. it feels awful.
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    I have sooo been there and done that. Even if you are feeling unusually energetic, you HAVE to pace yourself.
    I find taking a multi vitamen with iron and a B12 vitamen helps some.
    I go start the dishes..run the water and get them soaking, then sit down and get something done on the computer or work on one of my crafts...then go wash that sink full, put more into soak then back to sit down. etc...
    Find a hobby that you can easily do sitting down, something that doesn't take an excessive amount of energy.
    Check out a couple of posts I made, " a sort of poem on how I feel" and "FM..a life sentence of pain".
    Hope you feel better soon.

    "May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you wherever you go" Irish Blessing


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