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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chilene, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i hope this is a bad flare i'm in!

    two weeks ago i started working part-time at a job that has flexible hours... (only about 4 hours twice a week) but i am on my feet a good part of the time (i'm merchandising greeting cards in a few small stores a few days a week).

    first let me say that i haven't worked for nearly a year and emotionally... it feels wonderful to have a place to go and something else to think about besides my health and my relationship... my whole life seems more balanced and less depressing with some work.

    on the other hand... the days after i work i can barely function or think straight... and in general... my fibrofog and low energy are off the charts! I keep tripping over things. my arms and legs ache and i cannot think straight at ALL. i feel like i'm high on drugs!

    on top of things... i've been battling a herpes outbreak that started nearly a month and a half before i started working (so that also causes flu-like feelings). i always freak out and hope i don't have bad heart stuff happening (i do have mvp, and i get this pain along the left side of my chest on and off a few times a day; more like a mild twinge). or i hope the herpes hasn't reached encephalitis levels! (i have occular herpes, too, and can't take antivirals, only lysine...)...

    in the past, i have felt slightly similar to this from severe fatigue... so i HOPE it's mainly all the recent exertion causing this. and i am looking for an office job, instead. it's just hard to find one with so few hours.

    does this sound mostly like a flare?... i hope that's all.

    hugs to you all!:)

  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    To me it sounds like a minor flare, but we're all in different stages of our illnesses.

    But, your body is trying to tell you something and hopefully you'll learn what you can and can't do without causing a major flare.

    I just started taking a daily vitamin from the Pro Health Store called Fibro complete with Malic Acid (I think). Although they are more expensive than a regular store brand, they're wonderful and worth the extra price.

    In fact I'd pay anything to get this boost that I've been waiting 2 years for.

    You might want to try something like this to help give you a boost so on the days you don't work so you won't be so tired.

    To me what you're feeling is heading towards a bigger flare so please be careful to take care of yourself now....before it happens.


    Nancy B.
  3. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    thanks for reading my very long post!

    and so many thanks for your thoughts and kind words... it's funny how just one person in the same boat who responds can make such a difference in my spirit, sometimes!

    oh, and i noticed all the wonderful things you are doing for others (the crocheting, etc.)... i write and am a photographer... and though in my flare yesterday... somehow got out to reprint a photo, find a frame and bring it to an auction for a friend with cancer... it felt so good to help out someone in worse shape!!!

    many hugs across the ocean!

    keep well, too;)

    Chilene (Helene)
  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    For me, the crochet and stuff I do for charity is the only thing that kept me feeling human and connected to the outer world since I've been mostly homebound since July 04.

    It always makes me feel better to do something nice for someone else. Kind of makes the world go round.

    Isn't it wonderful what this board can do for us? It too, keeps us connected to people who understand what we're going through.

    I hope your friend will be well soon,