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    this flare thaat i'm in is so uunrelenting i can't seem to gey out of it. what to do know? I've been taken my P meds and there is no relieve. I've been taken vicodin 5/500 efvery day and 10mg oxycodone and things have not gotten any better.

    I can't stand this what or wher do ai go frolm here??????????????? It feels like i'm nesring the end of the rope. I thought that I wqas doing ok but knoow i don't know and an wqandering if this has been something that others have been thourgh????????????????????? I don't think that I'm depressed just tired of putting up with this DD. How do I keep going when there seems to be no end in site. I have managed through 7 months and thought I was doing well but today was reallt bad)paiin wise)I wish this would just go away, so aI could return to a normsl life. I feel so useless even though I've been able to spend more time with my kids which realy makes me happy and is pretty much the light in my life besides my wife bless her sole!!

    I don't know I guess maybe i'm just looking for some reassurence for where i'm at. i don't know if i've been trying so hard to feel like I make a dfference that i can't see the trees for the forest.


    sorry for the grammer and the spelling but the pain is so unrelenting
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  2. marw

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    Hi Jake,

    I know what that is like!!!! Flare from Hell!! I don't take the oxycodone, but do take the Vicodin 5/500. So this is what I did: I made sure I took the Vicodin every 4 hours, even at night. (Note: I can even double the dose, but I don't know if you can do that if you are taking oxycodone also.) Keep the Pain med circulating in your system. Take it BEFORE the pain gets so bad.

    I sat in a hot tub of water with lots of towels and cloths in the tub to wrap my limbs up in, and to sit on (sitting on a hard tub bottom hurts me in a flare.) Used elec. heating pads and blanket. I have a pillow tub to lean back against. (If you don't like the tub, hot showers help, too.)

    Other meds I take are Ativan (Anxiety) and a muscle relaxant, either Valium or Zanaflex, but not both together.

    Use a Vibrator on your muscles or TENS machine.

    If you can do some gentle stretches or gentle exercise, that might help break the flare, too, but sometimes I can't do that and just have to live through it.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  3. lilchisler

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    First of all, I am so sorry that you are experiencing this kind of flare. I have also, like many others been in your shoes before.

    Unfortunately, Vicodin has never helped with any of my pain...a combination of Xanax and 4 advil or 3 excedrin every 3 to 4 hours did more for me. I also did and do the warm baths...whirlpool and swimming, like at a motel is fairly cheaper than spa or gym and that gave me a lot more flex in my muscles also.

    My biggest cause of such an awful flare is and was lack of restorative sleep and my brain would never stop worrying, which keeps our body in a fight to flight stage (muscles tense all the time_)..klonopin at night and benadryl have helped a bunch. In time, I found myself needing the xanax during the day.

    I also am on effexor and toprol xl (beta blocker for migraines and irregular heartbeat) and these have helped also.

    Every case and person is different in what works for them. Unfortunately, it is a trial and error thing that most of us are still going through...what I can tell you to STOP doing right now!!!!!

    Stop Blaming Yourself for this disease.
    There is nothing that you did to cause it.
    You are not out of your mind or losing it...you are in extreme pain right now and nothing seems clear.

    The earlier advice of warm baths, heating pads and blankets and such have been my personal life savors...the best advice at this point is to Breathe...just Breathe. As you are inhaling, bring positive thoughts to your mind..as you exhale, breathe out all the negative. This may sound crazy, but it helps.

    I wish I had more for you to help.
    Right now, I am battling with the financial burdens this illness has cost without insurance on top of trying to not feel defeated..

    I have been here before...I continually tell myself that "this too shall pass"...it does and it will, but it sure seems like an eternity when you are in this type of flare.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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