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    I've been in a flare since June 06. Everything started with a migraine (which I still have) and has just continued down a path of frustrated pain, insomnia, brain fog and a host of other problems. I've tried Cymbalta, Neurotin, Topomax, Keppra, Zanaflex, Skelaxin, Elavil, Indocin, Prednisone, just to name a few without success. I've been poked, proded, probed and dismissed by those who know more than I.

    Yes, there are what I call good days with "functional migraines" and there are the days that it takes me forever to get out of bed. Washing dishes is a major undertaking as is taking a shower sometimes. I've learned to take things as they come and try to keep a positive outlook. Unfortunately, the medical community hasn't a clue and everything is an experiment and I'm the lab rat. Sooooo, one day at a time and hopefully this thing will slowly fade away and give me some peace - just for a little while.

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    I am so sorry you are suffering this way. I have had those 6 month migraines in the past.

    What works better for me than anything are three new things I learned here:

    MSM powder I now get one with a protein built in, otherwise take it with protein. Follow directions.

    SAM-e 400 mgs a day

    600 mg Vitamin D and 400 folic acid

    Scrip for Tylenol with codeine for when the pain gets really bad this works within 20 mins even for excrutiating leg pain/nerve pain for some reason. I just think that codeine seems to work well for fibromyalgia for whatever reason.
    Sticking to a really excellent diet.

    Hot Epsom Salt baths and neck wraps (soak t9owel in hot watre epsom salts and wrap the neck then put a microwaved rice heat pack on top.

    I find all the other meds really seem to just not work after the first few days and have bad side effects.

    Love Annie Cromwell
  3. cheilluminata

    cheilluminata New Member

    thanks annie

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