flare up? nor something else

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    I should know better but I can't tell anymore. I ache all over, especially down the back of my legs, I've had a major trigger point episode on thursday night, fri, sat, and yesterday in my shoulder area and all I wanted to do was sleep. Today I've been in the bathroom all morning, I was spotting on Saturday (period was last week) and I feel like I'm in a fog, almost like I'm high....question: flare-up, perimenopause (I'm 47), stomach virus or am I just crazy? I have an appt w/my dr at 5:00 (I wanted to see him last week when everything started but he was too busy). The symptoms all at once are making me crazy. I'm going with a flare-up but the spotting confused me. The IBS episode is weird because all the pain meds I take should have the opposite effect. Anyway, I'm in work today (took Friday off) and I'm trying to act normal but I feel really weird. Thanks for any input. You have no idea how comforting it is knowing you're all out there. On the other hand I wish you weren't cause I wouldn't wise this crap on anyone but at least I someone who knows what I'm going thru. thanks again.
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    Boy...I can sympathize. I had a horrible time with perimenopause. It started when I was 40. I thought I was going nuts. Pains, aches, fog, IBS. The only thing that was missing was the flaky periods...I had a hysterectomy when I was 36.

    Now I know that I also had FM at the same time, it explains why my perimenopause was so intensified. I took estrogen and for the perimenopause it really helped. It certainly made the FM stand out more so they were able to diagnosis it.

    If you're able to take hormones, I would, either through standard meds or natural methods. I think all us FM'ers have enough to deal with.


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    Thanks Eileen, but I can't take anything with estrogen since my mom died of breast cancer and all of her sisters had some form of woman part cancer (breast, ovarian, uterine, etc.). Just when we think we might have the answer, there's another road block but I appreciate you taking the time to respond.