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    I was wondering what exactly it meant to have a flare-up... like is it different for everyone? I know sometimes I wake up and my eyes are all puffy... and sometimes no matter how much I sleep Im soo exhausted... I have been exhausted and sore now for 3 days and I have had plenty of sleep. The new job is apparently taking a lot out of me. Can anyone relate?
    Btw, hi everyone!! Im new here!!
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    Hi there, glad you joined. You didn't state anything about what you ailment would cause you to be be "flaring up. " I believe when you say "a flare up", you are stating a fibro flare or a lupus flare??? If so, then they are very individual according to each person and the degree of their ailment--I have lupus and I get lupus flares.

    Actually there are separate message boards here for Fibro and Lupus and if you have one of those, perhaps posting on that board might get you the most information on the ailment you have and that would really help you. Good luck.