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  1. lazygrant

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    hi people! well, im not well again! awful headache, very thirsty, eyes hurt, lower left back aches. loose stools (very) like water. and tired. im so tired of this, anybody else feeling like this? send some hope my way please.

    prayers to all of you, my dear friends.
  2. PepperGirl52

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    The whole thing with you having loose stools makes me think you might have a stomach bug along with your flare.

    I'm not sure if others have stomach problems when they flare, but I don't have anything close to what you are describing.

    I wouldn't assume it's just a flare if the diarrhea doesn't go away within a few days. Make sure you're not getting dehydrated, check your temp and call your doc if you don't start feeling better soon!

    We have a tendency to blame everything on this disease, and that can cause us to overlook some serious issues that may be going on. Take care!! PG