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    i feel awful, neck hurts, shoulders hurt, eyes burn, very tired, my jaw even hurts on one side up by my ear? my hands and toes are cold. weird, weird. this just makes me want to curl up and hide. i want no company, just to be left alone. this dd creates physical as well as emotional problems. my biggest concern as always. how do i know this is a flare, perhaps i have a new issue going on. im wondering if this is a heart problem cuz of the shoulders aching, the jaw and the cold extremities? i did have a stress test done not long ago and it was okay, just "out of shape" duh.

    any ideas out there?
  2. suz45

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    Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad, both physically and emotionally. Have you kept track of past flares, do these symptoms resemble past symptoms. If you are really concerned make a call to you PCP/Rheumy to rule out something more serious.

    I know flares can set us on edge and we start to think something else.....What if this /that? Try to find a way to relax I know easier said than done.

    Would a hot bath help, I know it often helps me, when the flare comes on ....

    Also I didn't check your bio, but the weather is really changing drastically in many parts of the midwest/northeast. This is also a trigger. Try to keep a journal on the symptoms...Possible triggers.

    However, again if you are really worried call your doctor.

    Let us know how you are doing..

    Hugs for wellness,


  3. EllenComstock

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    So sorry you are feeling so badly. It certainly does sound like a flare to me. When I'm flaring, I have most of the same symptoms you've described, including the jaw pain. I know that jaw pain can mean a heart attack in women. I, too, had a stress test several years ago. I did have a problem with my heart-a defect in the electrical system that caused palpitations. I had the surgery four years ago and am fine now. Did you also have an EKG done?

    Since you are worrying about it, it would probably be a good idea to contact your doctor's office. Better to be safe than sorry.

  4. maedaze

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    Yes I know how you feel, i too am going through a flare at the moment, but it's different too. It's not my normal pain and it is way different from my usual flares.'

    Which makes it so hard to sort out what is a flare and what is something else that is going on. these deseases seem to be able to change tactics so quickly that it leaves us with doubt, what if it is something else?

    But when it comes to your heart it is better to be safe than sorry and worth getting it checked out.

    Good luck and hope you don't suffer for too long.