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  1. revlcb

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    For about the last year I've been in a semi-remission so-to-speak. Therefore, I took myself off all meds pertaining to FMS. Then three months ago I developed what seems to be IBS, which sent me to the Dr. The IBS seems to be under control if I stay away from salads and greasy foods.

    Well the IBS set off a flare...not the worst one I've had but some things need to be addressed. I'll be going to the Dr. tomorrow and will ask to be put back on the Provigil as well as some sort of pain med.

    I was unable to take many pain meds due to unexplainable elevated liver enzymes so couldn't take anything with Tylenol in it but will definately be asking for something.

    What my question is, do any of you know of a medication, stronger than Motrin 800, without Tylenol in it. I don't feel that I need something as strong as an opiate though.

    I've used so many medications that don't help but unfortunately I never kept a log of what ones.

    Thanks for any assistance you can give me.
  2. myjoy

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    bumpity bump!

    Wish I could help.
  3. sfrazier

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    I know that when i was first dx'ed with fibro they put me on some low dose arthritis drug and some anti-anxity drug to help the muscles relax. i'm still on them but they have added a lot more since then. I also know that some of the anti-depressents work on the pain too. I don't think any of the stuff i have mentioned has tylenol in it.....SueF
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    Have you ruled out toxic metals?
    Lead & Mercury weaken the immune system.
    Cadmium interferes with the thyroid hormones.
    Arsenic stop many of our 3,000 enzymes from working.
    A hair analysis is an inexpensive check for these.

    With a weak immune system, viruses will come back with a vengance!

    For immediate relief, consider Systemic Enzyme therapy. Dr. William Wong N.D. is a pioneer in enzyme research for FM and CFS. He prefers Vitalzym. "Forbearance" on this forum is using Virastop. There are competitive prices on the web. My mom [71] has FM and this is working for her.

    Dr. Wong says to start with 1/day for a week and add 1 for each week. So for week 2, use 2/day. Forbearance has success at 2/day. My mom is at 6/day. Dr. Wong says that results are immediate. Indeed, my mom felt better overnight.

    I have CFS due to toxic metals. Lead, Arsenic, Antimony & Cadmium, so enzyme therapy was less effective for me. I'm chelating and feeling much better.
  5. revlcb

    revlcb New Member

    Let's try Cymbalta.
    I've taken Celexa and Prozac in the past and they both leave me in a drugged stupor where I'm definately not the same person.

    So, we'll give Cymbalta a try. Apparently my Dr. has had good luck with it decreasing pain due to increased substance P.

    I asked for Provigil, something for pain. Cymbalta is supposed to help ALL those things. I'm to try it for a week and see how it goes. Apparently there may be a few days of getting used to it so might have to put up with some symptoms for a few days. One good thing, Cymbalta apparently decreases appetite...I am very overweight so that's a plus.

    I did do my homework and found out that some have trouble getting off of Cymbalta so this is something I'll bring up if I am one of the people that tolerates it.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement and suggestions. Will look into these options if the Cymbalta isn't the wonder-drug it's claimed to be. I've not found the "magic pill" yet so will definately keep these suggestions in my files.

    Thanks again.
  6. Shalala

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    I am in a bad flare too. I know how bad you feel. I just weaned off Cymbalta (was not a magic pill for me) and on to Welbutrin and Lyrica and I am absolutely a mess. Maybe I should have stayed on the Cymbalta? I am going to a sleep clinic 3/12/07 to see if sleep apnea is a contributor to my maladies (sp). I have to find a shrink now to deal with my depression and regulate my anti-depressants. I have made my own appt with a top-notch Rheumatologist.

    I am mad as H*** and I am not going to take it anymore ...
  7. revlcb

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    Yep, Shalala, I've got a script for a sleep study as well. I'm finally sleeping a long time...too long for my tastes and want to sleep all day as well.

    Dr. says that I may not be getting the right stage of restorative sleep.

    I've been wondering, I usually can't sleep the first night whenever we're away from home. Hopefully something as simple as this is the answer...HAHAHAHAHA.
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  8. nightngale

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    ULtram is a non opiate that is frequently used for fibro. It used to knock out all my general body aches, still does, I just have a sharp new pain in my thigh that needs attentions now. Maybe you can check with Doc about this med?

    Good luck. OH there is a brand of it that has tylenol, I think called ultracet? anyway I get confused but the doc would know. I take the one without tylenol.
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