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    i've had this dd for many years. i've gotten alot better and have occasional flare ups. but, when i do i also get panic attacks cuz i don't know what's going on. sometimes i think its my heart, having a heart attack. recently i've had extreme exhaustion, indigestion, ibs, headaches, weakness in my arms and legs, and very sore muscles in all the trigger points, and, of course the depression sets in. i want to believe its not my heart. its this dd, its hard convincing myself. im 48, work full time and do the best i can to enjoy my life as it is. i work hard to avoid stressful situations as i know this brings on flare ups. just last year i had a doplar test done on my arteries, they were good. year before a stress test when they shoot the dye into ya. have had ekg's, blood work for whatever every year. i also schedule a complete physical every year. i go to the chiro once a week, sometimes twice, he is amazing. im on blood pressure meds, anxiety meds, fish oil, b 12 complex 1000 mg twice a day and a multi vitamin. and i try to stick to a healthy diet. any suggestions? i hate this scared, jittery feeling. oh and im going through pre menapause too. sometimes i just start sweating, esp at nite. i know that too is a symptom of a heart problem, right? yikes. feedback needed please.
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    Actually, it sounds like your heart is doing well as you've had tests and they're not telling you anything negative, so that's good and you haven't mentioned that you have been diagnosed with any medical ailments that would give you flares.

    First, I would suggest you get into an OB/GYN because if you are going into Perimenopause (which is what you are referring to as pre-menopause), it would be good to get checked out, get blood work and be sure it is that and not that your hormones are off. Here is a site about perimenopause and you can see the many symptoms associated with perimenopause--and you are still able to get pregnant during this time.

    I have lupus (I now have 3 different types of lupus), I get flares, and I had to have blood work done which shows certain indicators. But it's time to prepare a list of questions and go to your doctor that does the blood work and physical and stress test and post the questions to him/her as to exactly what you have. We all have to reach a point where we make the appointment to go over our health with our doctors particularly when we don't know what we have, so go to to the doctor, not the chirropractor, and go over the blood work and find out what your diagnoses are because that doctor has all your medicals, we don't. By the way, I also have IBS which has been diagnosed.

    You don't explain what the "flare ups" actually are that send you into panic attacks. My flares do not send me into panic. A flare is usually an increase in symptoms in someone who has lupus, fibromyaglia, chronic fatigue syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis and I'm sure there are some others ailments too. Since you're on anxiety meds and they are not stopping the panic attacks, you might work with a therapist to stop panic attacks or pick up a book on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and try to work on it yourself. But the longer you allow yourself to experience the panic, the more it will happen, the more entrenched the behavior becomes and slowing desenitizing yourself to what caused it is what usually helps.

    Good luck.