flares, are they all different

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  1. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    I've only been dx'd since February, when speaking of "flares" what does everyone mean, as an individual? Just curious!!


  2. 3gs

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    Hi Lynn

    A flare is when your symptoms get worse. Like if you were sorta ok then overdo and bam pain is worse,fatigue etc. Sometimes the weather will cause this,sometimes just because.

    Most everyone gets "flares" and they can last anywhere from a couple of days to weeks and months. Everybody is different,but the pain and fatigue are pretty consisent.

    hope this answers your question

    hugs back! jen
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  3. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Thank you so much. I guess I'm in a flare everyday it seems. These darn body aches, you know like the flu, are killing me, my neck, back and oh my god, my head. I'm not on anything right now, due to problems with some meds they've tried, but the end of next week my rheumy may start me on Savella, I'm a little scared cuz of what the other meds made me feel like ...... a Zombie. Thanks again, and hoping you are having a good day!!


  4. jasminetee

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    I'm in tons of pain like you and I can't tolerate meds either. It's a very frustrating situation. We are being run through the gauntlet. I basically feel like I'm constantly being tortured.

    I hope your pain lets up for you.

  5. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    I know what you mean. This crud is awful. I'm so sorry you too feel like this. It is no fun at all. Hey I made a bumper sticker that reads "Fibromyalgia....Sissies need not apply", can't wait for my hubby to put it on my car. People have NO idea what we go thru. This is one thing I don't think I would wish on my worst enemy. Tee, you take care and I hope your pain eases up too.


  6. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Hi Lynn,
    I know when I'm in a flare every part of my body hurts. everything.. , my arms hurt so much I can barley lift a cup of coffee. ,my hands hurt from Arthritis and Fibro pain. swelling some , wrist. back , shoulder blades burn like crazy and hurt so bad I barley can sit up straight.. legs , feet and ankles swell and hurt.. each step huts every bone in my feet. Migraines , ear pain, sore throat , when in my worst . even bladder control issues..embarssing ,but kinda a new symptom . and the list goes on... fatigue so so bad. I just want to lay down... but must work.. (I am blessed to work from home and only four hours at a time.. I get a two hour break.. so blessed I am for this..) even with working from home I often find myself thinking " How am I suppose to do this ? "
    A flare can last as our fellow poster said a day , days . weeks or months.. right now. I think I have been in this flare for two months at least.

    I am so sorry that you have to live with this.. Fibro can be so cruel.
    I was Dxed just over a year and a half or so ago.. and am still learning what sets off a Flare.. and of course this seems to change often.
    I hope you feel better soon also ... Prayers for good days...

    Take care Spirit. ~
  7. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Bless you heart, I'm so sorry you are going thru this. This DD is pure heck. My hubby will ask me "how you feeling today", and I'll say, MY WHOLE BODY HURTS. What a life huh? Bless his heart, he truly is my "best friend". Thank you for thinking of me and for the prayers, I send them right back to YOU. Hope you are feeling better soon too.


  8. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    We truly are Blessed to have our Dear husbands. and they care.

    I know my honey tries so hard to understand, and help me. He often tells me. " now you know you can't do that, your going to hurt yourself. " and always tells me how much he loves me and not to let it bother me so.. I mean the part of not being the women he fell in love with so long ago.. its hard to come to grips , so many things I can't do any more..
    I always loved mowing my parents yard... well last time it set off a flare , so I have been grounded from that now to... I mean all I did was push the mower. can no longer pull the grass from my Mom';s flower beds to.. H#@ can't even do my own yard anymore.. My neighbor has been comming over and doing it for me .Bless her heart. ( I cook for her in trade. and she loves it LOL ) . I only have a small Patio with great flower beds. table and umbrella.

    Lynn... question " Do your cloths hurt you skin ? I know mine do many days.. can't whear a braw. LOL... not that my honey minds that at all.. LOL... but ya even laying in bed the side I lay on will hurt so bad. I'll be in tears. and I'm not a cry baby , but darn it hurts.

    I just ordered a mattress pad for ourbed. a nice fluffy one. Im hoeping this will help.. I am so tired of sleeping part of the night sitting up on the couch.

    Sorry I'm rambling now I guess... I tend to do that .. Wow .. think I need to talk to people or what LOL.... I am a home body .. my husband has to force me to go out anymore. LOL...

    Lynn.... thank you so kindly .. you take care of your self...Let us know how you are doing ok...
    I will keep my eye open for your post.. Take care my dear ..

    Prayers and Soft Huggles. ~Spirit. ~
  9. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Yes, I agree, thank god for good hubbies. I'm not able to alot, like you mentioned, no yard work, even carrying laundry to the garage kills me, not just from FM, but also my lungs. Poor hubby works, and then has to come home and sometimes do his own laundry, thank god, he was in the service once and he knows how to do it, LOL.

    As for my clothes, no they don't bother me much on my skin, but boy I'm like you, NO BRA, LOL. My hubby also doesn't mind this. I also find myself on the couch ALOT, but can never seem to get comfy anywhere, these damn aches/pains are awful, I'm constantly changing position. Good luck with the newmattress.

    You are not rambling, I myself tend to do that, but sometimes it takes me awhile to get out what I'm thinking and to put it into workds. Very nice to "talk" to you. You take care!!


  10. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    My flares are all different. Sometimes it is just more of the overwhelming fatigue - like, so tired I cant roll over in bed feeling.

    Other times, it is pain, extreme pain, everywhere.
  11. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    you know I also have Lung problems .. I keep forgetting to tell my Doc. LOL.. even if I take a note pad. I forget. I always seem to get out of breath . I do have Asthma. I have been weezing latly.. and really should get back on my inhalers .

    I for once went to the store with honey yesterday... grocery shopping..YEE HEE I bought materail to make a quilt for my grandbabys 1st birthday... I wont have it ready in time but.. thats normal for me anymore.. its just so hard to get anything done. Can't wait to start sewing again... I figured if I can't do my yard work.. and this was my past time. I'll do something else that makes me happy ... and I can sit to do it. LOL..
    I used to love cooking for my family and friends . but that is no longer a joy to me its turned into work that my body does not agree with.. as I have to be on my feet and thats bad.

    we have to give up so so much with this DD.. I Do thank God that we have great husbands that support us.. there are so many that do not have this.. and my family is a great support. even though they are grounding me from doing almost everything anymore.
    I kinda wish my husband could support us money wise so I woudlnto haveto work.. but as my husband says.. I would get board. He reminds me I really do love to work.. its just so hard at times.

    I understand the thing about getting the right words out . wow... sometimes it just does not come. ... this is something we really need to laugh off.

    I pray today be a good day , not so much pain .

    Soft Huggles ~ Spirit. ~
  12. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    How are you today? I'm not feeling toooo bad today yet, sometimes, mine will hit me out of nowhere. I agree with you, you do need to get an inhaler, I use two differnt kinds. But you see, I'm one of those who.....smoke. The habit is sooo hard to break, I've actualy set a date, July 15th, is my ok, you are no longer going to smoke day. Wish me luck. I've had two drs. tell me, you MUST quit. I picked the 15th, as that is the day back in 1982, that I lost my father to lung cancer, I miss him more that anyone knows. You would think that would scare me enough to put these damn cigs down, my father was only 48 when he passed. I'm only a few years younger than that.

    anywy, I'm glad you got out and went shopping with hubby. And have fun making the baby's quilt, I'm sure you'll do great.

    As for this DD, yes, it takes so much away from us, I just wished more people understood this. Luckily, my family does. Not my son though, but that is another long, long, sad story. See I told you I ramble too, LOL. Anway, thank god for good hubbies, friends and family that do, or at least try like hell to understand.

    Yes, we do have to laugh at ourselves sometimes, me and my sisters all laugh at one of us trying to get words out, then wonder what the heck it was we were going to say. And as far as I know they don't have FM (thank god), we just have problems with words. But we sure get the giggles out of it.

    Spirit, I've rambled enough, you take care, and hope you are having a pain free day too.


  13. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Hello. Yes, I'm learning all flares are different. Fatigue, and like you said, pain, pain everywhere, that's how mine is. When hubby ask, well how are you feeling today, 9x out of 10 its, "my whole body hurts". What a life huh. Thanks for you reply, take care

  14. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Thanks you so much for chatting with me... I look forward to checking to see if you posted back . LOL.. Silly Hu ? You would think I need to get out more LOL... But talking to people that understand is soooo much better .
    Ya I had a pretty good day yesterday to start with.. then work needed me to stay on a little longer so I only got a 1 hr break in the middle of my shift ( I work from home and normally get a 2hr break ) I should know by now that this little change in my schedule would hit me. and boy did it.. I laid down after work . Hubby found me sleeping on the couch and sent me to bed.. I stayed there pretty much the rest of the day .. got up for a couple of hr's and went back to bed... and as normal ended on the couch again this morning at around 1 pm .. I get up at 2:45am to get ready for work. so far doing ok.. normal pains
    I'm glad to hear your day stared off good as well..... Ya the getting your words mixed up.. my Mom does it to LOL.. and we understand each other its kinda funny . and frustrating at the same time.. at least your sisters understand this part. I think It runs in family's my grandma did it also..
    I also smoke Cig's bad habit .. I know I need to quit . but have not put much effort into it yet .
    I am sorry about your dad. cancer is so cruel , My brother died of a brain tumor , cancer .. real hard to watch your loved ones with this DD . I am sorry
    I will pray that you are able to quit smoking .. its a hard one that's for sure..

    Lynn I hope today is a good day for you Lord knows we need good days.. or it becomes to much .

    Huggles . Spirit.
  15. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    I'm glad you posted again, I really enjoy chatting with you. Sorry you had to work extra yesterday, I'm sure it put a damper on you FM. It is good though that you still work, especially fom home, that's great. I no longer work, and haven't since 2005. Still waiting on my disability hearing, got the letter stating I was going in front of a ADJ (I thingk that is what they are called), but the letter said it could take 2 years, man that is long time. I was denied two times already, so I'm nervous.

    Not that it is funny or anything, but it's nice (that doesn't sound right), to know that my family isn't the only one's with words/memory problems. Yes it does get frustrating, but we always seem to make the best of it, and giggle, like a bunch of little girls. I love my sisters and MOM, so much, they are my world. I have brothers too, that I love, we just areen't as close as the sisters/mom.

    As for these darn cigs, tomorrow is the day, but guess what.... I have 3 packs of cigs left, and now, I'm like, ok after these are gone than that is it, LOL. This habit is the worst. I really like my cigs. My hubby doesn't smoke, thank god, but the price of these things are crazy, I believe he pays 6.00 a pack right now, that is just CRAZY. So sorry to hear of your brother, cancer, like you said is soooooo cruel.

    Spirit, I truly hope you are having a good day, for me they are few an far between. Yesterdsay wasn't too bad, but today, the aches/pains are driving me crazy. I'm getting ready to go plop on the couch for a little while with a couple of my kitties and relax. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again.


  16. whywyoming

    whywyoming New Member

    Personally flares just mean those times when the symptoms are worse than normal. I might go through periods of feeling pretty good and then something, the weather, stress, an illness will crop up and my symptoms come crashing down. It always seems to take me a while to figure out what is going on though; I've been diagnosed for over a year but am still feeling like a newbie. I don't even like to say that something is due to the fibro because it feels like it would be so easy to just start blaming everything on it. I am finally beginning to realize how much it affects my life. Hope you find some good ways of coping.