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    could somebody tell me how long a flare last i don't feel like getting out of bed , i feel like a truck hit me over night, i have no appetite and i don,t feel like going anywhere or doing anything. my dr say exercise. yea right thats almost impossible. any ones help would be appreciated
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    wow...alot of us are suffering from flares lately...weather changes i am guessing. flares can vary for all of us, unfortunately there is no answer for this one:(

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    Debs right, all of us have different lengths on our flares. What a flippant remark from your Dr. He obviously doesn't understand fibro. If you can, just accept your flare and you do what you think feels the best. That might mean staying in bed all day and reading or watching t.v. or even napping. Take care of you during your flares. I excercise every day that I can but absolutely not during a flare. I can't even imagine it. Blessings, P
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    thank you for your replies, i also have osteoaritis in my neck and knees and to top it off i have polmyalgia. i live in fla and i swear we have the most inconsiderate drs in the world. i had one dr tell me after i was diagnosed with the others that i'm just depressed fibro is not a disease and i need to see a physiciatrist. he was a primary dr, i was trying to find a new one and now i'm still looking. the other primary dr i had for 12 years, but i saw his nurse practioner. i went to the hospital in severe pain with a frozen shoulder. nothing would stop the pain. he came in the next day and yelled at me for having the nurse call him at night.he also said the nurses told him i was moaning all night long. he said whats wrong with you. he yelled so bad the entire floor heard him.i was so shocked i didn't know what to do. finally on the 6 day an orthopedic surgeon gave me steriod injection. the pain calmed down immediatly, its been a while since this happened but it still bothers me. that why i'm looking for another primary. sorry about this long post i just needed to vent. thank you all.
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    I'm sorry you're in a flare, I think it's going around. I in in one myself - four days in. I was feeling better this morning but I got up and around a bit and now my legs feel like aching tree stumps.

    I hope you feel better soon and your doctor is kinder. (((Hugs)))
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    my flares vary. i will say that there is a connection between my period and a flare. not every month, but my pain will increase some the week before-as in this week.
    be gentle with yourself and do what you can. pushing yourself will only make it worse. if you can at least walk around the house some, just to stay mobile, that might help and will keep you from stiffening up.
    take care!