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  1. I suffer from CFS/FM-like symptoms, which are technically undaignosed and the closest I've had to a diagnosis is that I have 'Post Viral Symptoms' and the Dr who diagnosed that also mentioned ME and described 'Post Viral Symptoms' as a mild version of that brought on by a virus.

    Anyway, background over, some of my symptoms had gradually improved especially over the last ~3 months or so - the first improvement since they started almost 1yr ago. However, I have had a noticable worsening of symptoms (mainly muscle aches and fatigue) in the last few weeks - I understand this is referred to as a 'flare'. What I'm wondering is:

    *How long a flare normally lasts?
    *How severe they generally are/become
    *Has anyone else experienced an improvement then a flare and if so what happened next (ie did you get any better after the flare?)

    Thanks as always for everyone's insight.

    All the best...

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    My past "flares" seem to have lasted about six months, then I felt pretty good for awhile. It's been a roller coaster. I'm still going down right now. Day to day the intensity of symptoms will change, but there is an overall worsening trend. I'm worried I might not come out of it this time, as it seems to be getting worse than before. I hope it's not becoming chronic. Ugh!
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    Ah, the flare. I started one earlier this year had to cut back on time at work for a few weeks. I am working full time again, but in terrible pain. I pray I will continue to be able to work. I'm 51 and believe I have had this most of my life. Can't really answer your questions very well; the pain, length and symptoms vary so much.

    Take care.
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    I have had CFS for 8 years and I have suffered three major flares and several that weren't as severe. I judge a major
    one by the amount of debiliating fatigue and the time I have to stay in bed flat except to go for food or bathroom
    breaks. I think the waxing and waning of this illness is one of my biggest challenges. This disease can really be
  5. Thanks for all these replies. It's interesting to hear everyone else's experience here. The flare I have (if it is that and if I do have CFS) seems to be mainly tiredness and fairly mild ache. Som of you who probably tend more towards severe FM seem to get more painful flares.

    All the best, MCTE