Flaring so much I want to scream

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    As I sit here my back feels like someone has ran a knife threw it and left the knife in my lower back. I get the feelings during the daylight hours that my eyes are so heavy and I need so shut them to go to sleep. It makes driving really difficult to do.

    MY legs throb from my hips , groin, things, calves, knee's ankles, down to my toes. I struggle to walk each day. If I stand to long I get a feeling like I have streached to long and hard so my muscles are tightened up and feel like someone has just twisted them in to knots. I also haev this feeling in my back as well.

    I hate feeling like I have to sleep all day. I get up to drive myMom to wrk as I am not sure she sheould be driveing as she does not pay attention to the other drivers and how fast they are going and how slow she is driving. She gets angry with them when they honk at her and tells me that she is going to hit the brakes so that they will hit her because she does not have to drive that fast.

    She has already gotten a tickey for driving to slowly on the freeway. Her vision is poor , she can't read the small print and things are sometimes in doulbe vison when she is tired and in pain. Her back hurts so she has added to her pain meds and takes them more ofter than she tells me she does.

    THe weather has turnedmy blood to ice cubes and I will wake up during the night feeling the ice running thru my veins and nothing I can do seems to get me warmed up. I hate being cold. And it makes me ache all over and this pain is not just in my muscles but deep into my bones and nothing hot reaches that deeply.

    Between feeling exhusted , fatiqued, aching, throbbing, sleepy and just plain tired I am struggeling to keep my body moving and able to do what I am needed to do. I hate the feeling I get in the mornings when i am driving my mom to her work, My eyelids feel like they need to close and I need to sleep. I get so sleepy that I am fighting to keep my eye's open just as I am now.

    MY body achhhes , throbbs, all over and I am not dealing with this pain and cold as well as I would like to do. I cna't stand the feeling anymroe of pain and fatique. I am hurting adn I can' cope with this any more. I just ache so much and see I am repeating my self.

    I Know that I am flaring but there is nothing that I can do to help me recover from it. I have to drive mom where she needs to go , when she wants to go and needs to go. I have to take her shopping and go in with her and I have the feeling of hitting a brick wall and I just acn't keep this up and keep moving.

    I am so lost feeling I don't know waht to do or how to get thru to my family adn mom that this pain adn fatique are so bad that I am impared when i drive. And I am in so much pain that even though I am taqking strong pain meds they are not working as well as they did before the big freeze happend.

    I have to go now as I can't stand the pain in my back. I am not discribeing how i feel very well but the words are not coming to my mind .

    Just know that I feel so differnt than ususal that i am frightened by how rotten and exhusted I am feeling. I am just scared that when I wake up my legs will be hurting but numb and don't work, this has happened to me 2 x this past week.
    I go to stand up and there is that pins and needles on my feet. but the legs don't work as they are numb and burning or feels like it is buring me .

    I am so tired and in pain all the time now. I can't stand it much more. I don't know what is going on with my legs as they just are not working right. They are numb yet tehy burn , stab me as well as aching clear to the bones.

    I am sorry for all the whining.
    I Need to sleep now. as my eyes won't stay open as I type.
    LOve to all, I think this is a flare and a really horrid one as well. I don't get any help from any one.

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    Get the circulation in your legs checked.......very important. It sounds like you have a bit more going on.


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