Flaring Up Badly, Need Doctor in Ocean County NJ

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Leener, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Hi everyone, I posted this earlier but it never showed up, so trying again. :)

    I had a great GP who really understood this syndrome (I have both CF & FMS) but she was diagnosied with MS and has left her practice.

    I have "auditioned" several doctors since and have come across that typical years of searching and finding no one who "get it" routine. The last guy told me I looked fine, so it's all in my head. Can you believe it? Not the first time I have heard that.

    ANywhoo...I just moved to southern Ocean County and really, really need the care of a doctor who knows our plight.
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    have much to offer for "us". I've lived in Toms River all my life, and I've found most MD's: 1. still call it Epstein Barr
    2. think you're an hysteric (female)
    3. don't believe it's real
    4. want to put you on an antidepressant
    5. are hoping you won't come back b/c they've no idea
    what to do "with" - not "for" - you.

    Your best hope is to head north:Dr. Podell in Summit, NJ
    Dr. Nataleson (sp.??) in Newark, NJ
    Dr. Susan Levine, NY, NY

    I now live in Bonita Springs, FL most of the year and am struggling to find a doctor here (I have FMS/CFS, IBS, asthma,...too much to list).

    Good luck in your search; you live in a spot where, within a relatively short drive, there are MD's who know their stuff!

    Feel better,
  3. flufhead22

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    It is worth the trip up the Parkway to go see Dr. Sanders Davis in Morristown, NJ.

    He is AMAZING. He understands all of the wacky symptoms of this disease and helps you through it with compassion. He makes sure you are educated about all aspects of Fibro and reccomends great books to help you through the process.

    He told me tonight at my appointment it is so important for me to understand my symptoms as I am the one who will ultimately be the one to treat them - he is just providing me with the tools.

    It is a relief to talk to him as he understands what I am saying. It is often hard to verbalize how you are feeling to anyone without Fibro because they just don't get it. I told him tonight how my Fibro Fog has been causing me to lose things and its making me crazy - he responded
    "You're Not Crazy - The Fibro Is Crazy" and told me to write it on a post it on my mirror so I can see it everyday - to remind me its not me doing this - its the disease.

    An amazing, wise man - I feel lucky to have found him and he has given me hope that I will one day be able to get my life back. Call him.
  4. flufhead22

    flufhead22 New Member


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