flashing lights..... loss of vision anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dlizard, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. dlizard

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    ok I've been telling my rheumie and family doc for quite sometime now about these flashing lights I get periodically in my perpheral vision.... or at the sides of where you see...soemtimes its in one eye and sometimes the other and soemtimes both.. it will totally blind you when it happens in both eyes at one time.... well its getting very frequent now and sometimes happens like 5 or 6 time a day.... anyone have this>? it sure sounds like cmv retinitis to me... I saw a poster in the rheumie;s br < shares office space with infectious disease doc- teaching hospital> and that is exactly what I see... it showed what I saw/ see on this poster.... anybody else have these symptoms or been diagnosed with this? I've been hypoglycemic before and this is not related to that at all.... no sweating, no hunger... it can happen while eating, driving < had to pull over>> and is not in relation in any way to a blood sugar issue... its eyes. purely visual! help!!
  2. Mikie

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    I wouldn't be messing around with this. See an eye doc just to be sure. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, I was having problems with partial blindness for a period ranging from 15 minutes to a lengthier time. Flashing lights, then I would lose part of my vision if not all of it. I was told I had migraine with aura. This took me by total surprise as I did not experience anything painful like you think when you think of a migraine. I did experience some fatigue afterwards however and occasionally nasea. So, you might want to discuss this with your doctor. I am surprised they did not mention this to you. I have not had it in a very long while. Migraines are often related to diet. So when you have it try to remember what it is that you may have had in the past while. Cheese, chocolate are two of the things I think that are bad on migraines. Do some research. Nan
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    Hi dlizard . . . I see a retina specialist because both my parents have macular degeneration. He always tells me that I should call him immediately if I ever experience seeing flashing lights. This could be a sign of the retina detaching and one could go blind. My son occasionally has ocular migraines and he loses his side vision. These migraines are painless but disconcerting none the less.

    Please see a retina specialist for an expert opinion.

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    I have the same problem with the same symptoms. They diagnosed it as ocular migraine.
    Kitty =^..^=
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    I have read that seeing flashing lights should be treated as an emergency. Other things may cause it, but it also could have something to do with detached retina, which can cause permanent blindness. I wouldn't fool around with this.