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    hi all

    can enyone help me. i have just been diagnosed with flat feet. i have had alot of pain in my right foot for ages. i am getting some innner soles made don't know when though. the nhs take ages.anybody out there got thew same problem. also i have lupus which does'nt help. sue whincup
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    You may want to read up on Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Flat feet are just one of the symptoms and most doctors don't even know much about it. Joint and muscle pain are part of it also, kinda like lupus. My feet are flat too and I find that wearing good tennis shoes give me the support I need. I was advised to not go barefoot, even in the house. Hope this helps some.
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    Luppie, have you always had flat feet or is this something that has come on gradually and is now a problem?
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    Read you posting.
    I've kinda always had flat feet, but 4 years of working retail really did them in.
    I've been wearing Birkenstock shoes and sandals for the last 12 years and can hardly stand to stand up without them. But I weigh WAY too much and I really need to see an orthopaedist and get a better support system.
    I've got post-exhertional fatigue real bad, so I don't exercise. I've gained 50-some pounds with CFIDS. I need to drag my stationary bike upstairs AND USE IT!!
    : o)

    Oh, yes, I should tell you that Birkenstock makes their footbed with cork molded into an excellent support system for your arches. The cork is hard at first, but it softens as you use the shoe and molds to your foot somewhat. At the same time you become more used to the feel of it's support under you. Even if you have to use professional supports in tied-on shoes, you might want to try a pair of Birkenstock sandals or clogs to use around the house.
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    I have had flat feet all my life. About 5 years ago my GP sent me to a podiatrist because I was complaining of foot pain. The podiatrist saw that I was wearing Birkenstocks but suggested that I buy some custom made Birkenstocks. They cost about 4 times as much as the ones you buy at the store but they are custom made to my feet. I still have them but need to throw them out and get another custom made insole made. They have helped me alot
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    I have had flat feet since I was a kid..the best thing is to get custom orthodics made for you shoes...they last for a good 3years..good luck