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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IntuneJune, May 24, 2003.

  1. IntuneJune

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    Yesterday, stopped at the Health Food Store for lotion for my very dry skin, between the pool chemicals and Sjogren's my skin doesn't stand a chance. Anyway the woman suggested flaxseed oil caps which she said would be more effective. Took two last night---had severe nausea and vomiting during the night. Was it the flaxseed oil, for supper I had salmon, we cook it well. Now I am afraid to take the flaxseed again. Comments please!!!!!! June
  2. tansy

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    Sorry to hear about the nausea and vomitting. Poor you.

    I take flax seed oil and it helps. Like evening primrose oil I only ever take it when I eat a meal with some fat in it.


  3. Shirl

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    Tansy is probably right, but also take one capsule for starters, then after a week then try two.

    You may have taken too much of a good thing!

    I use the Flax Seeds, I grind them and put it in bread mix. It makes a great taste to the homemade bread.

    Be sure to eat first next time.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. IntuneJune

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    Do I dare take it again. If I do, I will follow all your suggestions above, decreasing dose, taking it at with a fat-containing meal. Then if that does not work, switch to another oil. Thank you Tansy, Shirl and Skeesix.

    PS Skeesix you mentioned fish oil helping with sicca syndrome. I am wondering why my rheumy never mentioned this to me after diagnosing with Sjogren's. She had given me some samples of a new med that addresses these issues, but after reading the insert, I declined thank you. It would have played havoc with my IBS. For over ten years, had been complaining of dry mouth. It took her seven to investigate further. I am curious, did your doctor suggest reading The Omega RX Zone, did you find it through your own research. I am going to read it, thank you. June