flector or lidoderm patch anyone try them?

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  1. My dr. gave me a script to try them. Has anyone tried them. The only problem is insurance doesn't cover the one and its $80 ! Plus I need a body patch!
  2. jenn_c

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    It didn't do much for me but, i know a few people that it does work. The patchIuse is Fentynl. Between the fentnyl and lyrica, I can at least function and do the main things. Unless of course I am in a flare. Goodluck.

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    My husband and I both have used the lidoderm patches. Him for lower back pain and me for shoulder tendonitis. They work wonderful for these types of pain but they don't do anything for my fibro flares. I also take Lyrica but only occasionally. I am having some problems with both of my shoulders now and the Lyrica really helps with that but again it doesn't do a thing for my flares. That is just me though. I know the patches are expensive. I hear ya' though, a body patch of something would be nice. I am flaring right now as my barometer is taking a dive and taking me along with it. P
  4. The dr. said I could cut one, but can't remember which one. I have to call. I want to see if I can get samples. You know they have lots of them.
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    sometimes helps a little. I used it on my neck but didnt like a big patch on back of neck obviously so doc gave me lido ointment which is much easier, jsut have to be careful to wash hands etc.
    It isnt supposed to but I think with me it was crossing bloodbrain barrier or getting through to me like a stimulant too so chilled out on using it. I am not sure which pain it helped with, fm/cfs or structural bone/muscle problems in cervical area.
  6. mainly I need one for my low back and hip area.
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    There is good and bad with the Lidoderm Patch 5%. My biggest problem is getting them to stay on the skin. I live in Phoenix so I am always hot, and they like to fall off or stick to my clothing instead of me!

    I use silk tape to tape them on, and that does help, but the tape hurts my skin upon removal.

    As far as pain relief, I have found that they don't help with flares, but they work wonderfully for Period Cramps whether it be across the abdomen or lower back. The Lidoderm Patch really helps with the cramps! Yeah!

    I hope this helps.

    Big Hugs,

    Tropical Girl
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    I've had lidoderm patches for SI joint dysfunction. You can cut the lidoderm patches if needed. They helped some for easing the pain from my broken ribs while I was at work, but I'd need a full body patch to slightly ease my fm. They are helpful if you have a particularly painful area like wrist or low back, just one small area. I use a mail order pharmacy associated with my insurance and they cover them. I pay 30 for ninety patches.
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    Neither of them worked. If you try them, you need to tape down all edges with a tape you are not allergic to.

    Good luck. They might help you.