flem..allergies? need advice..

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    Hi..just want to boune this off you guys..hope it does not sound too stupid. I have fms and highly suspect the cfs although around here..you are hard pressed to get anyone to say there is such a thing.

    I have been feeling really pretty good lately. Then...I felt kinda like I was going to catch a cold or something. You know the glands in my neck started to do their thing..felt kinda achy and hot sometimes. And my panic attacks..really started acting up. Well, then it feels like when I get up in the morning..everything kinda goes from my head to my neck and chest. I cannot blow my nose or anything. But my chest muscles and neck muscles are sooooo tight. I have moments in time that I feel better..then it goes right back to feeling like my glands are full and like I need to cough up a nasty or something..gee...does anyone know what I mean?
    Usually..its sinus pain alone and a humdinger of a migraine. There are alot of colds going around..but I just do not usually get colds..cannot remember the last time I did.
    I do have flem..but have been bothered by that for years. But I do not cough. I am just so tight .. I try relaxation and hot baths..they both give some relief..I am a bit tired..but I have noticed that if I get up and walk around or do something..the muscles let up a bit.
    I am so tense and anxious..I am also about to have a period..or skip one (G) which ever the perimenopause chooses!!
    I need some help..advice or just a hang in there!
    Thanks so very much...Sherry