Flexeril and Tramadol

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gigio, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. gigio

    gigio New Member


    I have just visited my Arthritis Doctor and he prescribed Flexeril and Tramadol for me. Has any one had good luck with these. I was taking percocet but I was getting so loopy and foggy I could hardly carry on a conversation with anyone.


  2. achy

    achy New Member

    Hey Gigi..

    I used to take tramadol (ultram) for pain. Worked great until I built up resistance and my back pain got worse.

    I still take flexeril, 5mg during day and 10mg before bed to help w/ sleep. Works great!!

    No problems with side effects except blurred vision from flexeril. very rare side effect though. I'm just lucky I guess...lol lol

    good luck
  3. acheallover

    acheallover New Member

    As I shared earlier, I took Flexeril 10mg. 1 at 12noon and the other around midnight, had a terrible rash on my face for the next 72 hours, until prednisone caught up with it. I had taken Flexeril prior to this, for a few days, with no problem. Good luck, Phyllis
  4. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I used to take Tramadol and Flexeril. Eventually they wore off on me, including one other med, so the doctor changed my whole med regimine. I guess changed happen to all of us.
  5. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Still on tramadol. Have been taking it for just about two years now ... same dose ...

    Both drugs work, but I didn't like the way flexeril made me feel. Way too stupid (more so,lol)and I had a problem with my eyesight. My pupils would not constrict ... This is a side effect, but it doesn't happen to everyone. As for relaxing muscles, it does it's job.

    I found it is one 1/2 step away from antidepressents ... In the same family as TRI-AD's .... That explained to me the "dumb as a sack full of hammers effect" I had. AD's just do that to me ... not everyone.

    Flexeril is an excellent stage 3 - 4 medication. However, again, many people have a problem with hangovers the next day ... not all but many.

    Lastly, flexeril ... like it's close .... very close ... cousin elavil is notorious for packing on the pounds. You think of food ... you gain ten pounds.

    This happened with me on a very small dose ... that I broke into quaters. I have been a lifelong eat anything I want and not gain weight person, yet flexeril managed to do it to me. AGAIN ... not everyone has this efeect but alot have.

    Bottom line ... it does it's job with some significant side effects that many experience, but not all experience. You'll have to try it for yourself and see how it goes.

    Tramadol .... Love it, but not everyone does. LOL Have you heard that enough times yet?!? I have a rx that reads 1 to 2 tabs 4xd as needed. I have a 120 count rx ... usually takes me through 6-7 weeks.

    Tramadol is a synthetic opiate ... but not like you may think. It isn't like the poppy field in Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and her buddies passed out!

    It is classified in the opiate category because it works on the opiate sites in our brain ... not because it is a poppy field turned into opiate from China. I often find it important to make that distinction.

    Tramadol interfers with the pathways that mediate pain. It effects serotonin and norepiniphrine ... but not to the extent of AD's. (If you are taking an SSRI or TRI-AD, make sure your doc knows ... this is only a "awareness" ... many MD's have their patients on both.)

    Also, although tramadol itself will not make you sleepy,it effects serotonin enought that if you mix it with SSRI's or FLEXERIL ... it will potentiate their sleepiness effect.

    Lastly on the subject of serotinin/tramadol/AD's ... there is a condition called srotonin syndrome where too much serotonin is prevented from being taken up ... this creates an overload of the neuro, making you sick. It is possible, not necessarily probable, that this can occur when taking these meds, or supplements of same mechanism, togther.

    Tramadol (generic ultram) works in about an hour with best concentrations occurring within 2 to 3 hours. With muliple doses, will relieve severe to moderately severe pain for 7-8 hours at a stretch. This would be why your doc might have said to take it on a schedule regardless of if you "need" it ... builds on itself.

    For some reason it works better for women then men. Concominant use of tramadol with NSAIDS (I use ibuprofen rx strength) will offer therapeutic benefits of both central and peripheral analgesia.

    It is well studied and effective for fibromyalgia, acute and chronic pain, osteoarthritis, back pain and neuropathic pain.

    Because of it's effects on the neurotransmitters, if you have been on tramadol consistently for over 2 - 3 weeks, and you want to stop taking it then you need to titrate down slowly, just as you would if coming off AD's.

    Tramadol gives me a bit of a lift ... a boost is a welcomed feeling when fighting a fatigue related illness.

    It has a higher dose then tramadol with acetomeniphen(sp). The brand name is ultracet. I did not like this for two reasons ... this one did make me sleepy and it didn't work on my pain. Had 37mgs (or close to) tramadol instead of 50mgs in ultram/tramadol.

    Hope this helps ... Probably way more info then you wanted ... sorry about that. Bottom line for all of us is to try it and see how it works with your chemistry. What works for one of us will not work for the next ... lucky us, huh?

    Take care,


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  6. gigio

    gigio New Member

    Thanks for all the info. I am on an antidepressant called Lexapro and the doctor did warn me that sometimes they don't mix well --- but rarely does that happen. (I consider myself the rare case in all these med trials) I took some this morning and I actually felt better, without all the sleepiness and depression I felt from the Percocet. Does the tramadol cause weight gain or water retention because I can't even take Advil without retaining water.

    Thanks again you guys know all the stuff I need to learn.
  7. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I take Tramadol and it does work for pain. I take 1/2 a tablet and normally that works.

  8. srcj

    srcj New Member

    My doctor prescribed ultram for pain and restoril for sleep and I am taking celexa also. So far it is working for me. I was taking Ambien but it cost me 50.00 for 15 pills! The Restoril is only 7.00. for 30 pills.

  9. elsa

    elsa New Member

    If anything you might drop a couple of pounds because you feel a little better ... moving more and, if like me, you aren't that hungry for a short while after taking it ... probably due to the affects on norepiniphrine.

    I'm glad it worked well for you today. Hope it continues to give you a shot at better days ...

    I'm not sure I would take lexapro and flexeril though. For me, the two together would no doubt knock me out for a week .... didn't do anything to my sister though ... go figure.

  10. Cakeart

    Cakeart New Member

    I had a gastric bypass and cannot tolerate any pain meds on my stomach. I take 2 10mg flexeril pills at night, and one during the day only if I am in a major flare, and I can't drive if I take it (which is why I limit it to bad flare days!) If I've been sleeping decently or feel pretty good I just take one at night. Absolutely nothing else has worked for my muscle spasms or insomnia that my stomach can tolerate.

    God bless, Cakeart
  11. FMhurts

    FMhurts New Member

    I've been taking tramadol for about three years now and its helped me allot, I use to take flexeal but it caused me to sleep to hard and weird dreams so now I take skelaxon ,it doesn't make me sleepy at all. I only take skelaxon when I have had days with tight muscle and back spasms.
    Tramadol got me out of bed, after 15 years of pain. The dr. started me off at 8 -50mg. pills a day I weined myself down to 4 per day now .
    Something else a nurse told me about magnesium back in sept.of 2005 , she said to take large doses of it and in 5 weeks I'd feel better , I can tell I'm feeling like a new person, I've not had to take a muscle relaxer at all, the night pain that I've suffered with so long even while on Tramadol has been little to nothing .I take 500mgs twice a day. I hope it will help you too.
    FM for 17 years and still looking for the answer.

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