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    Well, I finally gave in last night and took Flexeril. I was diagnosed 3 months ago with FM and after trying two medications I decided to find a treatment for causes and not to treat symptomps (acupunture, massage, change of diet, vitamins, supplements...). I saw a great neurologist last week and he suggested Flexeril for my muscle pain, along with neurotherapy. I exercised about 3-4 times since last week (it usually helps me to focus better at work with my chemo brain and improves my mood), but every morning my body was more and more sore. I took half of the pill - 5mg - last night (am sensitive to medications) and had a good night sleep and my body has recovered. The only side effect I am noticing now is my stomach is upset, but at least I am not aching all over. I do not plan to take Flexeril on a daily basis, only when the pain gets too bad.

    My neurologist recommended me to a Neurology Center of Washington, which is here in D.C./Bethesda. This group specializes in EEG Neurotherapy. I think they may have done some FM study with a similar group in Chicago. Now I have to figure out how to get it covered by my insurance company, the center gave me CPT codes they use for billing and I am "investigating" how to get them covered. I have Aetna and Neurotherapy falls under Biofeedback. They would cover biofeedback for patients with TMJ, but EEG neurotherapy is considered experimental for tension headaches and fibromyalgia. As I suffer from facial pain as well, I am going back to the neurologist next week and, if I am lucky, I get a proper diagnosis of TMJ and may get insurance coverage. The initial evaluation is $500, each session is $90 and it appears it takes a lot of sessions to achieve possibly some results. Wish me luck!!!

    What surprised me is that when I spoke to my insurance company and asked them for a write up about fibromyalgia, what they cover and not, they had nothing about FM!

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