Flexeril = Fatigue?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achy, May 13, 2003.

  1. achy

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    My new doc will not continue the Soma Rx from my prev. doc...since it's addicting (grrr) so he Rx'd flexeril 1 or 2 before bed.
    If I take one It does nothing...I wake up 3-4 times a night.
    If I take two I'll sleep 6-8 hours, but still wake up exhausted, and stay that way all day!!
    I can barely find the energy to get a drink of water, never mind doing any chores or running and errand.

    Has anybody else had this experience?

    Thanks for the help
  2. stillfighting

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    Hi Achy!

    I can really empathize! Years ago, when I was first diagnosed, my doc put me on a large dose of flexeril, and it kept me tired all the time. I begged him to try something different after a month of this. Now, 10 years later, after going through Pamelor and Effexor, a different doc put me on 10 mg Flexeril and 10 mg Celexa (an SSRI). I'm having problems with fatigue and concentration, but it is better than last time, and seems to get better each day (it's about a week now).

    Like you, I'm looking for that magic pill, and hope it still exists. If Flexeril doesn't do it for you, ask your doc to try one of the tricyclic antidepressants. They gave me 7 excellent, active years that I wouldn't have had otherwise.


  3. mamafurr

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    it makes me groggy too (and cranky the next day) so i don't take them anymore. i take methocarbamol 750mg (generic for robaxin) when needed before bed. or whenever i get spasms etc. are you just taking them just for sleep? i take ambien/trazadone for sleep. maybe you should only take 1 flexeril w/another sleep aid for sleep. ask the doc. it seems like 1 is not enuf and 2 are too much. how new are you to fm? i was diagnosed 12 years ago and have tried sooo many combos of meds before something finally clicks. then it works for awhile then stops. in fact i am going today for a med check. also taking methadone and lortabs 10 mg. (thats how bad this is now) luckily i have a good doc who listens to me. my opinion is: when a doc says something is addictive, that to me means one is only prescribing or on the med for a trial for temporary relief of something. with fm, the medications i take would be maybe addictive to one taking pills for the thrill, short term or whatever, but for me its a life thing. if i don't have them i'm in alot of pain. so i tried to go off the lortabs for 3 days to see what happens (to see how much they really work or if i am getting used to them) no withdrawals, just 100% more pain. so if they are addictive i say who cares. you know what i mean. anyway, just my opinion. (smile)p.s. also celexa too.the list is a veritable pharmacy LOL
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  4. selma

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    An ambien as you get into bed is working for me.
    Yes, Ive used flexaril for a long time before this time on it. Soma didn't work for me i got up during the night. You have to go to bed earlier with flexaril. Try taking the ZMA with 1 1/2 then 1 with the zma. Good luck.
  5. smyle4moi

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    i too was given flexeril early on and had problems with it. my chiropractor had me take 10-20 mgs of melatonin instead....works wonders.if combined with vitamin therapy and exercise you can feel much better soon...i dont know about diet as i absolutely love cooking and food and it is one of the few fun things i have left and so wont go on a restrictive diet. i feel like that would be just as depressing as the pain...i need to feel alive while i am...i have also found that Biofreeze gel helps with muscle pain at least enough to tolerate it when especially bad...i cannot take drugs as i am nursing my 11mo. old still....for the fibrofog i mostly just laugh at it...and leave myself large post it notes for appts...i forgot my sons orthodontist 3x in a row....duh...i also find gardening even a small plot..helps alot...its good for the muscles and the soul...maybe a small herb garden with your kids would be helpful emotionally as well as physically....hope you feel better soon..,..smyle!