Flexeril is it addictive ?What do you thing about what he perscri

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I went to my first Pain Clinic today and the Doctor took me off Flexeril and said it can be addictive Anyone here of this?
    He put me on skelaxin 800 mg 3x aday
    Elevil 25 mg at night

    Anyone tried Skelaxin ? How did it work? And told me to use water arobics.
    I told him I dont even leave my house I am so Fatigued and he said thats why he gave me Elevil.

    Any Thoughts on this ?
  2. suz45

    suz45 New Member


    I have heard that flexaril has the potential for dependency . I know that most it is a muscle relaxant however it acts on the CNS system, therfore most doctors only prescribe for short term or limited dosing not long term use. I have been on Flexeril but my doc only uses it in 2 week periods before stopping.

    hope this helps

  3. Cakeart

    Cakeart New Member

    I can't take very many pain meds because of a stomach problem, so I am prescribed flexeril to use not only a sleepaid but also for all my aches and pains associated with this dd. My neurologist, rheumatologist, internist and my hubby (a pediatrician) all agree this is the best med for me, and have all promised me that it is not addictive, repeatedly, each time someone raises an issue with it here, I ask again at my next doc. visit. I have now taken it for three years, twenty mgs at night, and as needed during the day. I do not take it during the day at all if I am going to drive anywhere, as I am always concerned about med interference with cognitive skills and reaction time. Last summer I went on a trip and thought found an old, unlabeled travel bottle of flexeril in my suitcase. I took this bottle on the trip with me. I couldn't sleep, at all for six straight nights. I told my hubby I thought something was wrong with the flexeril, so he took the unmarked bottle to a pharmacist friend for analysis. Turns out, I had been taking reglan, prescribed for my stomach, but produced by the same drug company and looked identical, right down to the coding on the pills. I'm glad it wasn't a dangerous mistake, but I did learn that the flexiril is definately needed to help me sleep. lol I do not believe it is an addiction though, as I could never sleep before I started taking it, even on other sleepaids. I never feel like I "need" some flexeril right now, or that I am suffering when I only take one pill at night verus two, which I do if I am the least bit sleepy, cutting the dose in half. I never wake up in the middle of the night when I do this, craving a fix. It just hasn't happened. I don't feel even a smidgeon of an addiction, but I have always been careful to take it only when I am in real pain, or need to sleep. I hope this helps.
    Hugs, cakeart
  4. hot-tubgirl

    hot-tubgirl New Member

    I've been taking flexeril for years. I don't believe i'm addicted to it. I've stopped taking it several times due to it making me feel a little hungover in the morning. I didn't have any kind of withdrawal, just after about 2 nights, i would be hurting and unable to get comfortable enough to go to sleep. Or would keep waking up for same reason. Flexeril is chemically related to elavil by the way. And it - the elavil - can make you even more tired. Plus the side effects are hard to take. I am curious about how helpful the scalaxin is. let us know.....
  5. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Sometimes it is difficult to stop certain medications. With quite a few, one has to do it gradually.

    One way to deal with this is to have the med diluted into a liquid form at a compounding pharmacy. That way, you can go from, say, 10 mg to 9mg, etc., week by week. Your body will thank you!

    I think one's body can get used to Flexeril, and for some it can be difficult to get off. But I don't think it's addictive the way some very strong painkillers are.

    Flexeril works differently from "painkillers", even though it can help a lot with Fibro pain. It certainly help me! I don't recall having any problems going on it or off it, but that was years ago. It may have made me a bit groggy the first couple of weeks, but that went away.

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