flexeril/ultracet interactions?

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  1. roseants

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    HAs anyone had any interactions with ultracet and flexeril? I take the flexeril at night for muscle spasms, and the ultracet for pain as needed. I try not to tak it often, no more than once a week or so. I have also been taking a multi vitamin, 5 HTP, fish oil, Sam-e, and glucosamine. I checked the Medscape interaction tool, but I must confess I didn't understand the interaction warning, too much Dr. speak. Need it in normal language. any help would be appreciated.
  2. FibroPainSufferer

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    I was already on flexeril & I asked my previous doctor if I could try Ultracet. He said yes but the pharmacy called me & said NO WAY!!! I was told that Flexeril, Ultracet, Ultram & Prozac all increase the seratonin level in the brain. When this level is increased it can cause seizures or death. And from what I understand, seratonin is the chemical in our brains that causes happy feelings, which is why it's in Prozac.

    I hope I was helpful!!!

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    I,too, was warned by the pharmacist about this interaction. She said I needed 12 hours between the Ultracet and the Flexeril.