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  1. marecee58

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    After taking Elavil for four weeks and it not having any effect whatsoever on the aches and pains associated with this condition, I called my doc yesterday morning to ask her if we could try Flexeril. No problem ... she called in a prescription for me and after just one day on it, I am feeling "significantly" better. Also, not nearly as lethargic as the Elavil made me feel.

    Isn't it interesting how the various medications effect us all SO differently.

  2. PAT

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    Because Elavil did help me with the pain, and especially sleep, and Flexiril wiped me out!!!
    I am always interested in how differently meds affect all of us, and wonder WHY? What is it about out chemistry, DNA, whatever, that makes each person respond so differently?

    Oh, I had to stop the Elavil after a year because I gained so much weight and was so tired all of the time.
    I use trazadone and ultram now.
    Good luck with the flexiril, I know it works wonders for some.
    Patti G