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    If it helps anyone I live in the next door country to Dr. Jadin and so have been able to visit her reasonably regularly for treatments. First for our 21 year old daughter who was suffering from nausea, severe stomach pain and fatigue and doctors kept saying it was glandular fever. Dr. Jadin diagnosed (with tests and consultation) rickettsia, bilharzia and other things. She prescribed 2 antibiotics (an opener and a closer) to be taken for a week a month for 6 months and then she saw our daughter again to see if she needed longer treatment. Each case is different. Dr. Jadin has strict rules on how to take the antibiotics and a regime to follow so you can feel your best (or least worst) and remove the toxins. Hot baths, exercise, specific diet etc. My daughter's health improved dramatically. A doctor in England had not believed there was anything wrong with her and recommended she went for phsychiatric help!

    Our own health also improved when we were diagnosed with some similar diseases (as we live in the same place) In my case I suffered great pain in butt muscles (exacerbated by wheat, malt and yeast) and had problems with my eyes (from pulmonary chlamydia) and halitosis from stomach germs. After Dr. Jadin's treatment all problems were absent. My husband had stomach problems, dizzy spells, headaches and muscle pain. He is also much better now.

    She has many cured patients, our family being some of them, so as far as I am concerned she "walks on water"! (A childhood friend of our daughters suffered rheumatoid arthritis and he also made great progress with Dr. Jadin regimen) I hope this information helps others. As she is also a qualified surgeon. She has a very wide knowledge of the human body, never talks down to patients, listens carefully and has a pleasant and positive attidude that is a huge relief after years of pain. If you are in position to visit her yourself then do, if not she runs regular seminars to train other doctors as she has more patients that she can possibly manage (the proof, therefore, is in the pudding!) so encourage your doctor to attend. Good luck and get well.

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