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  1. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    I'm in TX and we had a really bad storm come through here. The worst of the floods didn't hit here but we still got about 8 in of water in two days...

    Anyway, I'll try not to get too wordy but our air conditioner (heat pump) releases condensed moisture from a small pipe on the outside of the house. It's a BIG PROBLEM, because the pipe is actually below ground level and we had dug out around the pipe then filled the hole with gravel but, when a big storm comes and COMPLETELY saturates the ground, that little pipe gets full of mud and clogs up -- so it has to be dug out again.

    Often when that happens, I can't clear the pipe myself (though I do try) and the condensed water has no way to drain so it floods our carpet.

    Of course, this all started FRIDAY AFTERNOON... so we couldn't get any professional help till today. :(

    It was really bad this time --and I've been pushing myself WAY to hard, first digging out the hole and then trying to keep dry towels on the carpet and continuously bailing out the water from the hole until hubby finally got around to digging a trench.

    Needless to say I'm COMPLETELY exhausted and having The Mother of All Flares.

    Hubby is complaining bitterly about how exhausted HE is, but he isn't the one who was staying up till 2 or 3 in the morning washing towels and putting them down, over and over again! He wasn't even the one who dug out the hole... In fact, (rounding up) I'd say he's done maybe 20% of the work. But he expects extreme praise for his Supreme Efforts to "help" me with "my" problem. [After all, HE works and I stay home (because of my health).]

    And then he decided he wanted to get romantic... He didn't get far with that!!

    So on top of feeling exhausted and miserable, I'm also frustrated and annoyed.

    *Sigh* --life with fibro, gotta love it...

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  2. kat0465

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    here too Tizz, but thank god just a few inches of rain. No major flooding. i have a central air unit that drains under the house.

    recently we had to replace the whole inside unit :( but when they redid the pipe that runs under the house, the guy asked me if i wanted him to make a 90 and let the pipe stick out right below the lip of the house and catch the water for the animals to drink.

    now the Pipe is draining in a big stainless bowl, for the dogs and the birds. that way under the house dosent stay wet anymore. i have a feeling that was a big problem for moisture, even tho our house is on Piers, it stayed wet under there all the time.

    You Poor thing, i hope it's fixxed now and you get some rest. digging holes and Being sick isnt fun! and wet towels are HEAVY!

    Take care of yourself, and hope yall are drying out
  3. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    Jamin, we had a box get wet that was in the room we use for storage. Too heavy for me, though; it was full of books.

    Moving all those gallons of water sounds very tiring to me!!

    Kat, I'm glad you and yours are OK and weren't affected by the flooding.

    Be well, everyone.


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