Florence Nightingale

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    I imagine most of you know that they claim she had FM and that is why the FM day is May 12, her birthday.

    I found it intersting.
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    In some history books, claims were made that she died from syphillis.

    The staff, medical and nursing, did not have gloves or adequate protection from blood and things at that time, and many contracted diseases such as syphillis, but the dirty minded preferred to think she got it through sexual contact.

    FM isn't something new. It was described, in various ways, throughout history, and was viewed as serious, until common medical tests came into being and if they haven't the specific test, nothing is respected.
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    No...I didn't know that.
    Very interesting, as I'm studying to become a nurse.

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    Dr. Byron Hyde's Canadian CFIDS organization is called "The Nightingale Foundation" after her.

    After her service as a nurse in the Crimea, she developed an illness that was strikingly similar to CFIDS, and spent the rest of her life virtually housebound.

    FWIW, nurses were one of the highest risk groups for CFS in the 1980's "outbreak".

    (Source: "Osler's Web" by Hillary Johnson)

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