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    I live in Broward county FL and am wondering if anyone can recommend a doctor in Broward or Palm Beach County. I was just diagnosed but my GP says the fm will "go away". I think I need more than that! please help if you know of anyone. Thanks
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I spent some time at the Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Gardens.

    They do not specialize in FM or CFS. They specialize in Cranio Sacral Therapy with Somato Emotional Release and it was amazingly helpful with my headaches, vertigo and nausea!

    They do hour long appointments...or have an intensive program for like a week. I've done both styles.

    I worked with Lisa, Chloe and Tad most frequently. Dr. Upledger himself is quite gifted...and is quite hard to see because he's booked for a year an advance or something like that...but he does pop into the Intensive programs. :)

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    I just made an appointment with Dr. Steven Croft in Boca Raton/Delray Beach. (He has 2 offices and you have to go to the Delray Beach office for your first appointment.) I got his name off of the Doctor Referral tab on the top of the page. When I called the office I asked if he specialized in Fibro and I was told that he did. Has anyone had any experience with him? If anyone in the South Florida area would like to e mail me my e mail is SweetCharade2003@yahoo.com. Thanks!!
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    I am a 38 yo male. Thanks for all of your responses regarding good doctors in South Florida. I have CFS (diagnosed in 1997), and been suffering from the mid 1980's. Currently, I am unable to work and pondering what benefits could be found from other doctors (particulary renowed for CFS work). I am from Indiana but may be relocating to Miami and could access health care providers in this area. My questions for the group, is what treatments have these Florida doctors used.


    I am very concerned about my life circumstances as we all are and curious about more aggressive treatments. Any comments would be appreciated.

    My email is agking1@indy.rr.com