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  1. paulsgirl

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    hi im anna and im new to this chat thing i just moved to jacksonville florida and i cant find a doctor who will treat me like the ones were i started in missouri they dont know of the medications ive been on for three years now plus they want to give me the run around about referal this referal that is their someone else in florida that they can refer me to a good doctor that will take the medicaid card my medicare doesnt start until august but the doctors say that if i come off of the medications that i was on i have to start my treatments all over again and this time it might be worse repercustions from this because im so heavily medicated all the time can someone help me please thanks anna
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  2. pam_d

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    I'm not in Florida, but I know we have folks here from Florida---hope they can direct you to somebody good!

    Welcome to the group!

  3. paulsgirl

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    thanks pam for listening to my story it always help to know someone is listening

  4. horsegal

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    Where did you live in MO. I'm here now and am always looking for a good Doc. I live in the middle of MO Home of the state fair. Sorry I can't help you in Florida, but there are many here who can!

  5. elaine_p

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    Anna, maybe you "should" change the title of your post to add "florida".

    You can try the doctor referral section at this site. Don't know if that will work for ya. Otherwise, find out about local CFS or FMS support groups and contact them.
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    I live outside of jacksonville and I too am looking for a doc in jax for FMS. I have been told Andrea Trescot in OP is great. She is a pain doc tho and I dont know if she takes medicaid. Good luck in your search and welcome to Florida. If I come across anyone I'll let you know..