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  1. Donna39

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    I am new here and have posted a few times.I was just looking through some of the posts and seen there is a few of us Floridians.I live in Jacksonville,actually it's a little town about 30 miles south of Jax.Most people do not know where Yulee,Fl. is,so I just say that I am from Jax.
    The heat and humidity here makes me feel so bad.I do not even like to go outside anymore because I just get so miserable and sick. And to think before this DD I could lay all day on the beach and play softball all day.I miss those days so much.I just feel like my life was pulled out from under me sometimes.It is so hard to give up all the things that you loved doing.This is very hard for me to accept and I know that in order to find happiness again I need to find new interests,new hobbies or I will never be able to move forward.
  2. dolsgirl

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    I spent 6 weeks in Florida, Port Charlotte last summer & I felt so much better with the humidity. Go figure! What works for some difinitely doesn't work for others. I now live in northwest Washington state which has a very moderate climate year round, which is great. What isn't great is the high level of unemployment. dolsgirl
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    I'm near Ft. Lauderdale. I can't tolerate being outside at all, not even at night. The heat and humidity makes me feel awful.
  4. Mikie

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    I don't spend a lot of time outside doing things except for going out in my car or to the pool this time of year, but it's almost always hot & humid here. It's so much better for my health than the dry, thin, polluted air in Colorado. Also, the cold air in the wintertrim was bad for me.

    I've been too sick with my cold, sinus infection, and the Red Tide down here to go to the beach plus, the beach is pretty hot right now. Still, it's beautiful and the water is nice and warm. Having a boat is the way to go down here this time of year. Unfortunately, I don't have access to one right now.

    Different strokes for different folks. I wish everyone of us could live where we felt best.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Kim

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    a little less humidity. I take my daily walk before 8 and sometimes again after 7pm. Actually Summer is my favorite time because I love the pool.

  6. KayL

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    Wish I lived there. I'm in south Louisiana, and we've got the heat and humidity here too. It's weird though, I feel like it's hotter here than in Florida. I've been to Florida a lot, and the only time I felt it was hotter in Florida was one week I spent in Key West - it was literally too hot to lie outside by a pool.

    I can't take the heat anymore either, Donna - like you, I used to lie out in the sun all the time. Stopped doing that several years ago, and there's no way I could do it now. As for the heat/humidity making me feel bad, I find that COLD and humidity make me feel much worse, although when the weather changes and it rains here, I hurt a lot more for some reason. Maybe that's why I feel like I've been in a flare for a few weeks - it's rained constantly here for weeks on end.

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    Hi Donna, I live in Neptune Beach, Grew up in Jacksonville with no air conditioning and heat was never a problem. Until now. I really don't leave the house between 12 and 6 unless it is a doctors appt. The heat just takes my breath and strength away. I hear the symptoms change over time so maybe it'll get better. Peace John
  8. Shirl

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    I live in Louisiana on the Northshore, a little better than the cities, I am in the boonies, but the humidity and heat does take my breath away. Stay indoors during the day with the a/c, could not survive outdoors during the middle of the day.

    I was never a sunlover, so do not miss that at all. But the heat and humidity did not bother me untill a few years ago.

    I have been here all my life, but lived in New Orleans a block from the Lake before moving to Ponchatoula nine years ago, so it seems hotter here sometimes then it did in N.O. Guess it was the breeze off the Lake that made the difference.

    Would work in the garden midday without a problem but not anymore!

    I did learn to have indoor activities to compensate for what I can't do outdoors anymore. We do have to make changes in order to fill our lives around these illnesses.

    The heat does not bother the pain, but it I do have a problem with breathing, so stay indoors when its as hot as it is right now.

    I love the mild winters we have much more than the summer.

    I did go to Florida for two weeks years ago, but not being a sunlover it did not impress me too much, was not much different then being here, except they had more sand :)

    Do try and find some indoor things to do, it really does help with your peace of mind.

    Shalom, Shirl