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    I was so excited when I read what you said about this. I have this. My grandma was diagnosed when she was 18. She passed away when she was 82. She lived so many years with this terrible disease. I started showing the same signs of this when I was 14. When I was finally diagnosed with this they told me that AS mimics Fibro. So weird that you read about this. I do have the breathing problems and my rib cage hurts so bad all the time. I also get massage and the lady always asks me why my spine is so tender.
    The thing is, is that at first they thought you had to have the gene show up in your blood test and now my ruemitologist tells me that it can take years for the gene to show up or it may never show up in your blood, but that you still have the disease.
    Anyway, just thought I would share.
    Stretching helps tremendesly!
    Take care

  2. hi all,

    star273,many thanks for replying to my post as regards the rib and spine pain that we are suffering from.

    if you search on the internet about ankylosing spondylitis,you will be amazed as it reads up like the fibromyalgia.

    im always told that every single health problem of mine,such as the breathing problems,ribcage and spine pain,are due to fibromyalgia ,(by my doctor).

    ill then go on to ask my doctor,,,well what is fibromyalgia?.

    then the doctor will say...we dont know what it is.

    ive just never been able to except that they dont know what fibro is.and it made me angry.i want to know whats happening to my body,it belongs to me.

    anyway,this past year has been very difficult for me,as regards just trying to get on with it,while being in all this spine,ribcage pain,and of course the IBS bowel problems.

    so when i picked up the ankylosing spondylitis leaflet at the hospital,then read online about this condition,it all made sense to me.id been a lifelong psoriasis sufferer in the past,and that condition is said to be included in the ankylosing spondylitis,as well as all the other issues i have.

    it also explains why my spine wants me to hunch over,everyday,and is extremely painful.i believe it would stop functioning properly if i didnt do daily excersizes to gentlely streach my back.

    my daughter has psoriasis on her hands and feet,bless her.and just lately she is complaining of being tired alot,yawning.going dizzy.she,s developed the jaw pain on the right side,like we have.and she,s complaining of having a very stiff spine that wants to hunch over.she,s 25 and works full time.

    so to have been told that no one knows what fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome are caused by,for all these years is a disgrace isnt it.

    ive always suspected that i have a rheumatic illness,but used to be told that my problems are stress related and i should learn to relax,maybe leave my hubby.and all will be well again.

    now at the doctors im told my problems are age related,thats because im in my 50,s now.

    i got ill with this lot at age 36,but they didnt call it age related then lol.

    anyway,im managing to hold on to my part time job,just now.but im having a terrible time with the spine and ribcage pain,it bothers me more than the allergies to food additives,and thats saying something.i get breathing problems,which are related to the ankylosing spondylitis.

    thats why ive not been writing on the message boards for a while,as its too painful for me to sit for very long.i do take the occasional anti inflamatory pill,if the pain goes up my spine,neck and into my head.but i try not to take pills daily,as they flare up my asthma and IBS.

    we are a right lot arent we,so many things going on in us,and we are told to try and stay positive not negative lol.that takes some doing doesnt it when you are in pain every day.

    but having said that,try and keep doing gentle excersize on your spine.it will hopefully give us many more years of having a straight back.i dont want to be a hunched up old lady.not yet anyway.ive never considered myself as being old,so its a shock when people refer to me as being that.

    i had to stop going to a M.E support group in our town,as i just couldnt sit for the two hours like the others could.and when i got back home from the group,it didnt leave me long to unwind ready to get off to work.the cold weather isnt doing my conditions very good just now,but somehow im still managing to bike ride to work.if i cant ride my bike,ill be so sad....so get those spines loosened up everyone.dont let this illness totally win.

    take care,love fran
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    I've been ill for 22 years. Have been diagnosed with the flu, Mono, CFS and Fibromyalgia. I've seen lots of doctors. Finally, my brother was having back pain and tested positive for the gene HLA-B27. So my Mom, Dad and I all got tested. We were all positive. The Dr.s still didn't want to believe that the women in my family have AS, after all it's a "man's disease". It seems to show up in men's sacroiliac (lower spine) and in women more in the neck or upper spine. My Mothers has just had to have neck surgery. Finally, the Dr. tried me on Enbrel saying that it is a kind of diagnostic tool. If you feel better you have AS, if you don't you have Fibromyalgia. Well, I started to feel better the FIRST day. They had to put me on the pediatric dosage b/c the adult was too much for me. The down side is that it lowers your immune system. But for me - 22 years of having to settle; watching my peers do so much more than me - it is worht the risk. I am waiting to see how it affects me in the long run. I think a lot of people, especially women, are underdiagnosed with AS. Insist on a test and if poistive, insist on trying Enbrel.
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    Hi lroot!

    I just wanted to welcome you to Prohealth and this wonderful message board! There is a wealth of info on this site as well as awesome people on the board. The members here are very compassionate, caring and understanding individuals. There is such fantastic information and advice given here and it's free!! Take time to introduce yourself and tell us a little about you if you would like too. I personally have fibro, CFS, panic disorder and Bipolar II and visit this board every day now that I am off work and on disability. Again, welcome aboard!!

    Peace and comfort, Julie

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