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    Does the black powder spots look stringy or like thread?

    That caught my eye b/c of something on the net I read about several people in California have black string like things coming out of places on their arms.

    Dermatologists didn't know what it was.
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    I think this refers to Morgellons Syndrome. You can find out more if you Google it.
  3. hi all,

    jaded_lady,yes the black powder looks stringy like a thread.could this have been the floater type worm,that i saw in my eyes?

    it was about half a inch long,and very thin in my finger nail,a bit shorter but fatter on my bed pillow.

    ohh god,dont say its a worm.

    i feel trembly when i think ive got any form of worm in me,i dont handle it too well at first.

    but i know ive got to deal with it head on.

    some deep breathing excersizes have helped me during panic attacks,when i let a parasite thought come into my mind.

    and my pet shop boys cd,is giving me strength and courage to cope,with this foul illness.

    disenfect your ear phones with dettol,,(neat) NOW!and put vaseline all over your face and ears/mouth/eyes/nose at night.i do.

    it wont get back in me once its out...oohh god how horrible.

    take care,love fran
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  4. jaded_lady

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    I read about people in California with black, string like substance come out of their skin.

    I will see if I can google "black, string like substance come out of skin".

    I don't think it is a worm.

    I think it is chemical or toxins leaving the body.

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    Good Morning Fran--Cindy is referring to a very interesting article I located on Morgellons. Many of the symptoms you seem to be experiencing (and they sound awful!!) might be related to this. I agree that detol and pumpkin seeds can certainly help with cleanliness and general wellness but think you might also need some antibiotics. You also mention that you have a little dog and a garden so you do fit the "profile", as you'll see in the article. In many ways, I do too but I have not had the same symptoms as you--thank goodness. Anyway, I'll post the article below. It is not long. There is quite a bit of info on the web about Morgellons and even a morgellons.eu site.

    Fran, please know that those on this board are concerned for you and worried that your symptoms might be worsening. Please consider taking this article to your doctor to get his/her opinion. You mentioned a while back, I seem to remember, about getting off Elavil. How did that go? Was there any withdrawal symptoms as so many people have? Did your floaters and crawly sensations increase when you stopped that med? I just wonder if there's some connection.

    Please take care and let us know how things are going for you. Your upbeat attitude and willingness to face this thing head on are an inspiration.




    The Facts Behind The Medical Mystery Of Morgellons
    Posted: May 7, 2008 08:15 PM
    Featured KTNV Video
    The Facts Behind The Medical Mystery Of Morgellons

    Also on KTNV.com
    CDC Looking Into Morgellons Syndrome

    It has been nearly a year since Action News first started investigating a bizarre skin condition known as Morgellons. The mysterious infection causes open sores with string like fibers poking out of the skin.The condition has baffled health officials, leaving patients confused and frustrated.

    Action News Kimberly Tere has more on the findings of one San Francisco doctor who says the disease is very real, very serious and talks about what might be causing it.

    It sounds more like science fiction or something out of a horror movie. "When it hits, it just feels like something is crawling all over me," said patient Judy Johnson. Patients often complain of having mysterious red, blue and black fibers growing out of their bodies. "It is almost like these things are alive," said Johnson.It is called Morgellons and patients say it feels like insects are moving beneath and even biting their skin.

    "In addition to the skin lesions, they tend to get other symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, joint pains and a lot of neurological and neuropsychiatries symptoms," said Dr. Stricker.

    More than 11,000 people in the United States have reported the same symptoms forcing the medical community to take a more serious look at Morgellons disease.

    San Francisco Doctor Raphael Stricker has been researching the condition and thinks he may have an explanation. "What we have found is there is a plant bacteria that is often found in the lesions that these patients have and we think that this plant bacteria may be involved in the cause of the disease," said Dr. Stricker. Dr. Stricker says his patients have one thing in common. "These patients tend to have exposure to soil or dirt or some sort of plant life," said Dr. Stricker.

    But exactly how is the plant bacteria getting into their systems? Dr. Stricker believes it could be ticks. "We know that ticks can carry something like 40 different bacteria and so it is possible the ticks are picking up the plant bacteria and transmitting it along with the Lyme Disease infecting people through their bite," said Dr. Stricker.

    In a recent study of Morgellons patients, 43 out of 44 of them tested positive for Lyme Disease. "Very often when patients get treated for the Lyme Disease the Morgellons also gets better. So it does suggest that antibiotic treatment is useful for this disease," said Dr. Stricker.

    But an antibiotic treatment is not a miracle cure. "These people have been going from doctor to doctor and being told they are crazy. There is nothing wrong with them," said Dr. Stricker. It is a major source of frustration for patients who are suffering.

    "If I could have performed an amputation to willingly get rid of the pain, I think I would have willingly cut my leg off. It hurt that bad," said Johnson. Doctors hope that the medical community accepts this condition not as science fiction, but as science fact. "Once we recognize this as a real disease then we can really start to do research and see what is causing it and try to find a cure," said Dr. Stricker.

    The US Centers For Disease Control is about to begin its first study on Morgellons. It is paying California based health care giant Kaiser Permanente $340,000 to test and interview patients with symptoms of the condition.
    The one year study will attempt to define the conditions and determine how common it is.

  6. jaded_lady

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    As Flossy had flipped out thinking it was a worm, I was going to wait until Monday night to tell her websites!!

    I can totally relate to what you feel about worms in your body. This may actually be from Ticks and may be plant fibers.

    It does indicate that it may come from Ticks and treating Lyme helps get rid of the Morgellon's


  7. poets

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    rense.com is a good website. That's where I first heard about Morgellon's.

  8. hi all,

    many thanks for your support.

    ive been to look at morgellons-uk,but not read it through yet.

    ill read it today,and hope it wont stress me out too much.

    but ill face this head on,i have to, if i want better health,and i do.

    ive joined a morgellons message board.

    my god im seriously thinking of giving up gardening,or wearing ear plugs and nose plugs when ever i do garden...its just horrible,and i love gardening.

    take care all,love fran
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  9. hi all,

    missizzy,i did manage to get right off my amitriptyline 50mg red tablet,and i wasnt aware of any side affects while stopping it.

    i cant remember when i last took the amitriptyline.i wont ever go on it again.

    i think the cranberry juice helped me wean off,and so the side affects didnt happen to me like they had in the past.

    my night time suffocating stopped,as soon as i stopped taking amitriptyline.and alls well when im sleeping.

    my husband moved his bed back into my bedroom,so he could be on call emediately,if the night time suffocation came back to me.

    but it hasnt while im eating pumpkin seeds,thank goodness.

    the seeds are controling inflamation events,im sure of that.

    im increasing my water drinking in the daytime,to wash my kidneys out.

    if i dont drink the water,then my urine is very dark,feels acidic.

    ive always had kidneys problems,even when i was a teenager.

    i used to get cystitis often,and on occasions,in my younger years,id get blood in the urine.

    i dont get that now.

    havent done since having a total hysterectomy operation in 1995.i dont regret that op,at all.

    anyway,many thanks for your support my friend,love fran
  10. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi All,

    In researching MMS (chlorine dioxide) this morning, I ran across this testimonial from a woman who suffered from Morgellan's for many years. Thought I'd post it here in case anybody was interested.

    Regards, Wayne

    This testimonial is from the person who discovered this cure: (Daisy Baleen) Posted on Health and Healing @ Yahoogroups.com

    I have been Morgellons sufferer for over ten years. Recently, I discovered, quite by accident, something that is literally making it disappear from my BODY. I have experimented with various "super baths," filling the tub with hot water and putting in things like lemons, baking soda, dish detergent, laundry detergent, alcohol, etc. Well, one day about four months ago, I was filling the bath and I was pretty dirty from housecleaning so I put some Sun powdered laundry detergent with colorsafe bleach into the water, just a tad, because it really cleans the skin.

    Anyway, I left the bathroom for a minute or two and heard a crash that sounded like one of my cats getting into something. When I returned nothing seemed amiss, so I slid into the water for a soak.

    Everything seemed normal until the bubbles parted, and I got the sight of a morgellons sufferers’ lifetime dream: those black and grey specks MIGRATING OUT OF MY SKIN AS FAST AS THEY COULD IN DROVES BY THE HUNDREDS FROM EVERY SQUARE INCH OF MY BODY!!

    And even as I saw that, I also noticed several large oblong things "dissolving" in the bottom of the tub. I picked one up, and it was an alfalfa tablet. Then I noticed the bottle on the counter next to the tub was overturned, and about 25 of them had fallen into the water! They were the cause of the migration of all things Morgellon out of my skin in a fantastic migration for about an hour!

    Brown flecks, black specks, fibers, white patches of fibers drifted off the surface of my skin like No Problema, see ya later, something I had NEVER BEEN ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH WITH ANY OTHER TOPICAL AGENT.

    THE MIGHTY ALFALFA HAS SINCE CONQUERED MORGELLONS IN MY BODY. The scabs are gone, the fibers are history, the patches of fibers are all taped to a piece of wax paper and about to be sent off to a research lab that has requested them.

    I am sending you my testimonial in hopes that other sufferers will at least know some relief from the scourge of the skin.

    Dandelion the Flame Point Siamese must be credited with this miraculous discovery. He is only three years old, but he’s a hero to his long-suffering Mommy!

    I’ve done a little research on the mighty alfalfa, and apparently it creates an alkaline environment in the body in which things like CANCER and other diseases cannot survive. So, taking it internally can only be a good thing, also; but it’s the BATHS that made all the difference in the world for me.

    I also tried putting St. Johns Wort in the bath along with it, with even better results. And for some reason, using the Sun powdered laundry detergent with colorsafe bleach also helps facilitate the migration of the specks.

    God, I really hope this helps even one person as it has helped me. It has cleared up my symptoms so completely that I kept forgetting to post this information on the morgellons websites!!!!

    Thank you to God for this wonderful, freak discovery! Please spread this information far and wide.

    Editor's note: The primary ingredient in this discovery was the laundry detergent with color-safe bleach. The bleach is an oxidizer similar to MMS. The boost from the alfalfa is not easily understood but clearly was helpful. Nano-bodies carried in the blood stream would be perfect targets for chlorine dioxide gas to destroy so a four-drop dose of MMS taken internally would be a perfect compliment for this bathing process. Note also that MMS can be used in swimming pools and also safely in a bath tub. MMS is a water purifier first and foremost. For a tub one might mix a 40 drop dose of MMS for bathing (not drinking). Other Morgellons testimonials will be forthcoming.)