flossyfudlefran what do you mean suffocation at night?

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    Hi, I read a post on your mold problem I want to know what you meant when you said no more suffocation at night. could you please explain this, was there a breathing probablm you had and could you please describe it to me in detail. I would be very gratefull, I am haveing some breathing issues that just started this week, I am also a smoker I know I should not smoke and it stinks but I am so addicted to it,

    I don't want to tell anyone in my family about what I have been feeling they will get so mad at me and tell me to stop smokeing,this dd has taken so much from me and changed my life so much that I feel like the only thing I do get to enjoy is my smokeing, I know this does not make sense to people who don't smoke but this is the way it is. any info on the way you felt with your breathing problem would be apprecaited, I would love to find another reason for my breathing problem other then my cigarettes. Thank you and I am sending hugs your way and hope you have a wonderfull weekend Barbara
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    i have feeling of suffocating at night but mine comes from tight chest and back muscles it took me awhile to figure this out but i know other people with fibro that get this too see if massaging the areas around your chest and stretching you back out works. good luck charlene
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    I know that the brakespere hospital and dr myhill look at sleep Apnoea Syndrome. which can occur in me/cfs

    this is where the breathing stops and effecturally asphixiates the person. so breathing may follow an usual pattern maybe stopping for a while and then a deep breath so basically iregular breathing pattern.

    you can check this by having someone watch when you sleep or you could record yourself sleeping

    Breakspere treat with oxygen at night, i do have a fact sheet from dr myhill also which you may be able to find on her site.

    this can be down to food allergies or perhaps mold.

    Here is the link to dr myhill's page talking about sleep apnoea.

  4. hi all,

    yes as one member said,my suffocation at night seemed to be sleep apnoea syndrome.

    it just seemed like i was waking up,in a sort of shock,and was litrally gasping for air.

    id wake up at the part where my lungs were fit to burst,where just about full,and id be like thinking (upon waking)..what on earth is happening to me?

    it did make me scared to go to bed at night,and i felt better when my husband decided to move back into my bedroom,to keep a eye on me while im asleep.

    he says i snore very loudly,and all now seems to be ok with things at night.

    but i can tell he,s getting stressed himself,you know,like he,s thinking will tonight be the night fran has a suffocating event?

    i do feel better if i can have a window open at night,but my hay fever is terrible right now,and i just cant breath the air outdoors,it makes my skin have a prickling affect.

    so id say that the suffocation at night is sort of like when you,ve been under water too long,then you come up for air,and are desperately searching for air to breath.

    strange how it stopped when i came off amitriptyline.

    my hubby said,..well when you take a medication that puts you to sleep,how on earth are you supposed to know what to do,to get yourself awake from this pill induced sleep,in order to rescue yourself from this suffocating event?

    my daughter says she thinks im shrinking.she used to be the smallest member of our family,she,s 25.

    but now i am smaller than her,isnt that strange?

    i do wonder if my back is seizing up slowly.you know like the bits in between the spine bones,are wearing away.

    this would explain why i also have a sort of deformity with my ribcage bones or muscles.they seem to be swollen like a extra pair of small breasts.

    i am constantly having to sit with a very straight back,else i get breathing problems and back pain,were the bra fastens.

    love fran
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    I would certainly look into getting a sleep study done. Sleep apnea can be harmful depending on how many times you stop breathing. it can also make you very tired during the day.

    Also people who snore may have sleep issues.

    But I would consult with your doctor about this.

    Best wishes,
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    My ex smoked for over forty years. He had tried numerous times to quit. On average I believe that people try to quit 11 times before they actually are able to quit.

    My ex finally went to his doctor and got a short course of an AD, I believe Wellbutrin at a lower dosage and it helps you with the craving.

    Everytime you smoke your seretonin level is raised which is why smoking is so addicting. This med raises your seretonin so helps with the cravings. He says now he can not stand the smell of smoke.

    I know with all that is going on, this might be the last thing you want to do, but I thought I would put in my two cents worth.

    Take care,
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    I have spent the last 2 weeks dealing with these problems. it has been this way for a long time but ya know I seem to let smaller things go too long. I wake up paniced and can not swallow. after x-rays and CT scans they found that the small group of toncils under the base of my tounge were swollen because of acid reflux, which was affecting my sleep. So many things to concider that deal with sleep.