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    Hi All, I am new here and recently diagnosed. I have not seen this as a classic symptom of fibro so I was just wondering what your experience has been. A friend of mine said that she had this feeling of flu and so do I - chills (even low grade fever sometimes), achy all over and foggy. She said that she was put on a drug for fibro (one of the antidepressants) and it really helped with this. Anyone have this and what helps? Did your fibro medication help with the flu feeling? Patty
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    When FM is accompanied by flu like symptoms and major fatigue it should be diagnosed as CFS with FM as in 48-52% of cases of CFS meet the criteria for FM. And, because the pain is often prominent, the fatigue and flu-like symptoms can be over looked. In addition it can sometimes be difficult to separate pain from muscle fatigue. Also if a rheumatologist is the diagnostitian it is more likely that FM is diagnosed. Bearing in mind that neither FM nor CFS have proper clinical markers for diagnosis.
    The main feature of ME/CFS is post-exertional malaise ie when you exercise even slightly you will feel totally exhausted, sickly, usually with nausea and vertigo
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    The reason you don't have the flu like symptoms is because you probably don't have CFS. I have both CFS and FM. The FM is mostly pain and coordination problems. All the other symptom, and there are many, are due to the CFS.

    I don't think there's anything that I could have taken to prevent my getting CFS. It came on suddenly with the FM as a viral like attack and has never gone away. The fog is part of CFS.

    It is very severe in the beginning, then it gets a bit better, then slowly gets worse again. I've had both for over 30 years. If you have FM you know it too.
    It hurts in ways that arthritis doesn't. It's in every part of your body, a nerve/muscle/bone pain.

    The pains can be sharp, throbbing, burning, cramping, tingling, and sometimes intense itching. It's not like anything I've ever had before.

    If you have it, you know it. GB66
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    It sounds as if you may have CFS as well as FM. I have the feverish, flu-like feeling most of the time. I have both.

    Sometimes worse than others. A lot of people on here have tried different medications. If you're not drug sensitive, it wouldn't hurt to try it and see if it makes you feel better.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so bad. Welcome to the board. It really helps to have others to talk to who are living with the same illnesses. GB66
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    I was wondering if Patty might possibly have CFS in addition to FM because of the feverish, flu-like symptoms. I know she has FM.

    I thought you meant that you didn't have the flu-like symptoms or the fog because of the grape seed extract and armour thyroid that you've been taking for a long time.

    I was just stating that it's probably because she may have CFS also and you don't. Sorry if I misunderstood your answer.
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    FM medication is different from the ME/CFS medication but antidepressants and SSRIs (usual for FM) can help reduce some ME/CFS symptoms but not the fatigue I am afraid. Fatigue is best managed by:
    regulating activity, sleep and stress
    taking mitochondrial support supplements
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    ....that I had and gives you the chills and low fever sometimes. Several people I know have had this and it's unusual for this type of virus, I think. Probably a whole separate issue. But I wonder if your fibro first began with a viral-type illness or what was the trigger?