Flu like symptoms gone wrong... 10 weeks and counting!

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    While travelling in Europe I started to come down with a very nasty cough, body aches, headache. I went to a foreign doctor who gave me some anti biotics and told me I had enlarged tonsils and not to worry it's just tonsillitis. Since then my situation got much worse and I went to another foreign doctor who told me I had mild bronchitis and still had inflamed tonsils and again got some anti biotics.
    After that, I returned home and went to a local doctor. Had my blood tested, a chest xray and my phlegm tested. Turns out I have:

    Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
    Mycoplasma IGG & IGM - positive
    Moraxella cartarrhalis - heavy growth
    Haemophilus influenzau - heavy growth
    Bronchitis - mild

    I have no idea what to do? I'm so unwell - suffering from body aches, chills, fever - have cold sores in my nostrils as a result, have also been coughing so hard I've burst blood vessels in my eye, throat is so swollen I find it hard to swallow my own saliva let alone food or water, permanently have a headache.

    My doctor perscribed me with erthromycin - I completed my course 5 days ago and am still very sick. As I've had 3 courses of anti biotics he doesnt want to perscribe me any more and has prescribed funglin for my throat.

    Any suggestions on what I can do? My symptoms are very bad and I'm feeling very helpless. Any advice/ comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    In researching briefly the ailments you have, I am concerned for you about pneumonia and some other ailments that can morph from what you have. I also read that you are probably past the part one of whooping cough (where antibiotics may really make a huge dent) and into part two where antibodics may not (as you have found out).

    I make the suggestion to see a doctor that is an Infectious Disease Specialist. If you research Infectious Disease Specialist (IDS) you will see they are often called in for cases like yours where treatment has not been successful, where fever persists and your doctor is stumped. The IDS can work with your doctor.

    My best to you and prayers for your recovery.
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    The same thing happened to my daughter in 2005. She was only 16 and picked up some type of virus while we were in Europe. She was not feeling well when we came home, but being a teenager she did not tell me. I did not find out just how sick she was feeling until I received a phone call from an EMT telling me she had fainted in Penn Station and went down again after they revived her. She was also running a fever. She had bloodwork done, and her blood count was so bad, they admitted her to the hospital on an emergency, and told me if her blood count did not start coming up on its own within 48 hours they would have to look to the bone. Needless to say, I was frightened out of my mind. Thank the Lord, it did start to come up on its own, and they checked it every single day for two weeks. But my daughter was still exhausted and feeling unwell.

    it was finally decided by the docotors that my daughter was suffering from a 'virus of unknown cause'. Even though she had immunity to it, my doctor wisely decided to treat her as if she had mono. Plenty of bedrest, curtailing activities, etc. which in the end was the best possible treatment. My doctor felt perhaps my daughter was exposed to something on the planes, since it was a long flight and we flew a few times across Europe. It was a long trip. I have my own ideas about what may have caused this, including a stay at the end of our trip in a very old hotel in London, which emitted a very odd formaldahyde odor from the air conditioner, that only I could seem to smell. We were in that hotel for just one night and two of my two daughters slept near the vent, including my daughter who got so sick. But in retrospect, something had to be wrong, because my other daughter woke up vomitting for no valid or apparent reason.

    The ironic thing about this is I started feeling very poorly around the same time, and a year later was diagnosed with fibro. I often wonder about this 'coincidence' as well.

    I hope it helps you a bit to know that what happened to you has happened to others as well. For my daughter, just riding it out, resting alot, curtailing activities and eating very healthy (vegetarian) worked quite well. Maybe it could help you too.

    Please let us know how you are doing.

    Take care--Laura
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