flu or flare?

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    Hey I am under the weather this weekend and can't tell if I am just "flared up" or getting sick.
    I irritated my neck a couple weeks ago and since then have felt more compromised, but in last couple days wondered if getting sick as killer headaches, one of these ones I get a couple times a year where lying down makes it worse, some sort of pressure worsens when I am flat, which is hard because lying down is my normal way to improve energy with the cfs.
    Also body pressure and aches which is sort of weirding me out because besides the pressure in my head and neck my arms feel like a pressure builds up when lying down too which seems like a new thing. And my temp was 95.6 this a.m. the lowest I have seen it! Starting to get sore throat too, and gut a little acid. When I am not sick or in flare I don't have these issues usually.
    Anyway, whats new and unusual to me with this is my arms being included in the pressure thing, maybe its just a new version of bodyache with some sort of flu or cold and the low temp. sort of concerns me, dont know what to make of it, do feel really cold, chills.
    Any thoughts appreciated.....

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    Maybe if you aren't feeling better tomorrow, you should call your doctor??
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    Are you running a fever? If not, then it definitely isn't the flu.
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    Good question, I just went through the same thing. Was really tired and having stomach issues, couldn't sleep, I get weird skin sensations, like Hot and itchy, uncomfortable, dizzyness. I think it was a flare with the weather changes but it may have been a flu. I don't know. Spacey
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    yea the weird thing is my temp. was 95 this morning! isnt that half dead haha. I did research a bit about the flu and actually it said even with swine flu there isnt always an elevated temp.
    my temp tends to run 97.6 normally, last night it was upto 98 and then down today. everything tends to run low with me including b/p, it was 91/55 I think earlier.

    man I get so tired of trying to figure out if its just the same b.s. or something new but this has been a creepy one, its not just pain and fatigue, these weird pressures and then my eyes had some bloodshot aspect to them when i woke up which i never have, have noticed that 2x now after the incredible pressure feeling, its like want to drill a hole in head to relieve pressure. bendadrly helped take edge off but i think it may contribute to the clamminess and low temp, it makes my ears ring if i take an adult dose which i did yesterday, usually i take baby amounts.
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    Been feeling somewhat the same as you described. Low body temp, the pressure in head /ears
    can't lie flat if so feel like I am getting dizzy, body aches, weakness, plus my anxiety is up, feeling my heart beat all over the place.

    I thought mine was a sinus infection without pain except early morning headache. I posted my complaints under head congestion or cfs, I think something like that. If you want you can read it.

    I feel so miserable have been in bed for 3 days and to sick to go to the doc but don't think its the flu as I have had this before and it takes lots of bed rest and antibiotics have helped but have exhausted most of them to many side effects.

    Hope you are feeling better,
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    would like to hear more responses