flu shot ruined everything?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by cristine04, Mar 29, 2003.

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    I had the flu shot in November 2002 and since that time I have never been the same. Tired, muscle aches, low grade fever constantly. Depressed because I don't know myself anymore. I had gotten the shot because during college I grew extremely sick with a bad virus and was hospitalized for one week. I recovered like a charm from this episode. In JUly 2002 I had a bad virus which took the wind out of my sails, but nothing compared to the flu shot reaction. It's been a hellish road-quit my dream job, had to move in with my parents, etc. Some docs think it might be lyme disease, but my blood tests come back negative. I did have a rash on my foot, it went away although anytime I take a shower it turns bright red. Any advice/experiences with the flu shot? Or lyme? Thanks, I am in need of some input ASAP. It's been tough lately and I feel myself running out of hope.
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    Years ago I had a vacination as part of the requirements for my job and it took me months to recover . So hang in htere girl things get better
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    Christine, You are not crazy. You are NOT the only one. I received a flu shot in 96 and I became sick too. I was running my 4th year of track (on scholarship) and they sent us (all the university athletes) in for shots. I was used to working out 6 hours a day. I was athlete of the year in H.S., I was working on my master's in exercise science - so I was a busy girl. Anywho I had a weird response to the shot w/in a few days - legs started tingling and getting weak - too weak to walk - I had to drop out of school, track, and work. Moved home. All my nerve endings were messed up in my legs I believe as a response to the shot. It's hard to convince docs - they'll look for all other possibilities first. They checked me for limes too - I was negative. It does sound like you should check out that rash though. I'm mostly recovered but they've classified me as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Yuck, but it's pretty accurate if you have to label it. Again, I can say that we are not the only ones. I contacted the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and had them send me a listing of all the people who had horrible side effects from the flu shot - lots of paralysis, lots of death, and lots of intangible stuff like what I have - you know... just plain exaustion, and having to curtail daily activities to take more rest than normal. The good news is I've gotten better over time. I'm back into life. I'm not sure if this info helps or hurts - but I'm here to talk more if you would like. Can I leave an email on this site??? I'll try: claireboykin@hotmail.com.
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    I've just discovered that nanobacter, a tiny, weird, recently discovered bacteria, may cause a lot of illnesses, and probably contaminates a lot of our vaccines. you may want to look further into this. If you find the right website they may be able to refer you to a treating physician in your area.

    Good luck!