Flu Shot ruined everything?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cristine04, Mar 29, 2003.

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    I had the flu shot in November 2002. I believe this has been my downfall, unless lyme or something else not found after viles and viles of blood tests is to blame. When I got the shot I had already been feeling sort of out of it. The days after the vaccine I had fever, stiffness, muscle aches--a flu. Since November 2002 I have never felt like me. Some weeks are better than others, but 5 mile runs are no longer part of my rotuine. More importantly, for the last 5 months the doctors ignore the topic of innoculation dangers. So frustrating. Has anyone experienced this? And does anyone know when I can expect to be done with this reaction? One doctor said "if indeed it was the flu shot, perhaps once the antigens expire, so by November of 2003." I am on doxy right to in case stuff turns out to be lyme...but the flu shot is something I can't rule out as being the source of my misery.
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    I think Carla is right, you should see an immunologist and possibly an infectious disease dr. They now believe that Gulf War Syndrome (which is similar to CFS) was brought on by the huge number of vaccines the soldiers were given at one time while under the stress of going to war . . . Terri
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    I will be making an appointment for the immunologist this week. Last week I already had 2 blood cultures done--lots of blood taken. I'm sure the immunologist will be interested in those results. What I am wondering though is what exactly goes wrong/went wrong with flu shot reactions like this one, with prolonged fatigue and muscle aches which come and go in phases like "good month, bad month". In a good month I walk for 30 min. a day and can do my activities for the most part. Bad months, like this March mean exercise 5 minutes and no activities. If indeed it was the shot, my hope is that this hell will go away for myself and anyone else who suffers--in accordance with the shot antibodies expiring after a year or so.
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    First flu shot ever (I just turned 62) last October 28, 2002. I was very reluctant to get it but you know how they scare you into thinking you MUST do this! Well, since that time (is it a coincidence??) I have had a bad sore throat each month starting with a cold sore on my outer lip, horrible sore throat and accompanying green stuff bad cough thing. I am nearly bedridden anyway, so needless to say this did not help my outlook about shots.

    I had these sore throats in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March and am now wondering what April will bring. It just makes you sort of wonder, doesn't it?

    Every "flu" or cold cuts me down another notch and I never get back to where I was before. This also is very scary, especially when no one believes it (I should say doctors).

    Well - let us know what you find out from the immunologist, okay?