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    Should persons with FMS and or CFIDS get a flu shot? I have been afraid to for the past 15 years. But I am just finishing up what I think was a influenza virus. Sometimes(most times) I can't tell if I am getting sick or it's just a flare. But this time I have never been this sick in 20 years. I am not around many small childern but I do fly a lot and you know there is only about a 10% circulation of new air on a plane. I saw a person at the airport yesterday wearing a mask; and not a halloween mask, it is strange see that in the US, see it often in Vancouver, Toronto and of course Asia. I am just scared that a flu shot would send me into a huge flare. As many Dr.s still feel CFIDS is still autoimmune???? Thoughts?
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    i stay away from them, but it is a personal choice.

    that said getting influenza when u have either fm or me/cfs is not fun at all. i got influenza when coming back in a plane in 2007 and it was brutal. now i wear a mask in the plane and have not been sick since (2 x since 2007). i might look a little funny with that mask on,but i really dont care. you seem higher risk as you fly a lot so might be worthwhile to get the shot, or maybe just wear masks like i do when u fly and less need to get the shot.

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