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    I received the shot the other day. I received one last year as well. I've been having cold symptoms and zero energy at all. I hate that overwhelming feeling. I've been spending a lot of time in bed. However while I realize there is a risk in taking this or any shot I still feel the positives outweight the negatives. Hopefully I will start to feel a little better soon. I know I couldn't handle a full blown case of a severe flu on top of my other conditions including FMS, CFS and lupus amongst others. I still think its responsible for me to have the preventive shot. I'm sure a lot will read and say how they disagree and site horrible things from the shot but I'm sure we all can site horrible things that happened to loved ones, even those without other conditions, from the flu.
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    After much reading and careful thought, I have declined to ever get a flu shot. Over a year ago, I successfully came off of my asthma medication that I had been on for two years, felt it was compromising my immune system, since for the two plus years I was on the medication, I had flu and bronchitis 3 times...and had never had it before in my life!!! Approximately 18 months ago, I started to religiously take a daily probiotic with acidophilis, and this year, with flu and colds rampant around me, including my own immediate family, I have not caught anything!!

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    To take or not take a flu shot is totally up to each individual. We are all different and what is good for one may not be good for another. I hope you will feel better soon and that you will be able to avoid the flu. As for me, I do not take the vaccine. That is a personal choice, not a right decision or a wrong decision. Hugs, Michele
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    I'm one of the lucky ones who have never had any problem with injections. At the end of last year, I got a pneumonia and shingles vaccine . . . no problem. Today, I rec'd my flu shot . . . so, we'll see what happens.

    I have fibro, CFS, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, chronic bursitis, prolapsed valve . . . and like everyone else, tons of other things.

    But, I would never advise anyone else to take what I take . . . it is totally a personal choice. I think most folks know what their body can and cannot take.

    My husband and I are leaving in the a.m. to drive to Houston to see our new grandson (my youngest son's child . . . he and his wife also have a 2 yr old). My oldest son lives near us, and he and his wife have 2 daughters, ages 18 and 13.

    Please say a little prayer for us on the road (a 5 hr drive). My husband lost his L eye to cancer (cancer is gone, thank God), and I had back surgery end of last April. Driving long distances (for me it's anything over 3 hrs :) ) is not our cup of tea, so to speak.

    Praying all of you have a healthier and happier new year.

    Soft Hugs,
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    As already mentioned there are pros and cons. I have the Flu vaccination every year and every year I get an adverse reaction including the odd night sweat and not feeling well on & off over a few weeks, but way way less than what an actual Flu infection does. The alternative implications to not having the Flu vaccination are listed below.

    The choices I personally have to make are :
    (A) I significantly reduce the risk of become ill from an actual Flu virus.

    (B) I significantly reduce the risk of being a carrier of an actual Flu virus and passing it on to other people who in turn could become seriously ill or even die.
    People may not realise but they themselves may not be suffering any overt Flu symptoms but they can still be carrying a Flu virus and can pass it on to other people.

    (C) Chronically ill people, especially those with a compromised immune system and suffering from cancer, Leukaemia, chest conditions, etc. are most at risk from become extremely ill or dying were they to become infected as a result of catching Flu, as such all are recommended to have the Flu vaccination. Those closest to them (i.e. they're herd - family, friends etc.) are all advised to have the Flu vaccination as that will significantly reduce the likelihood of the chronically ill person becoming infected with a Flu virus.

    (D) Prior to having my first Flu vaccination I use to occasionally get Flu but more often heavy colds. Now I don't catch Flu neither do I catch any colds. Lots of other people have noticed they too do not catch Flu nor do they catch colds.
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    LadyCarol : The very best, most intelligent post on this topic. I'm so tired about all the blather about "toxic" flu shots. I don't know anyone who has had more than a minor reaction to the shot..

    People who take flu shots are helping to prevent the devastation this disease can have. People who do not take the shot are helping to undo the good work.

    Ah well, they say ignorance is bliss. But flu sure isn't.

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    Our trip to Houston was GREAT! I've not felt so well in so long. I thank God for his wonderful blessings.

    Our DIL drove us to Houston and back again. Seems as tho the backseat is he best place for me to sit. Can't really see, plus our DIL is a very good driver. We stopped 3 times along the way, and other than being somewhat dizzy when we got there, I did so well.

    I had fun holding and cooing with my new grandson. And, I was even able to get on the floor and play with my 2 yo grandson and his wooden train set.

    Thanks for prayers and good wishes.

    Soft Hugs,
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    I read about it today, however didn't know Piers was sick. Hmmmmmm...Dr. Oz and others will most likely say he already was sick when he got the shot.

    I didn't get the shot, but I'm still having the lingering effects of the flu after 5 weeks. I've seen 3 doctors in the last 3 weeks for various things who scolded me for not getting the shot. I bought a vaporizer last night and there were so many people in the cold and flu aisle coughing and looking for medicine. I think it's really starting to hit calif.[This Message was Edited on 01/23/2013]
  9. How do you strengthen your immune system? I take various supplements but viruses still effect me so badly. I can't walk when I'm at my worst and viruses are sure way to stop me being able to walk and just completely wipe me out. Oh, and I've continued to have the flu jab for several years now.
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    Flu shots are great, unless the Pharmaceutical manufacturer of the Flu vaccine has a Mycoplasma Bacteria contamination problem of his cell cultures where the weakened viruses are taken from. If so, you are in trouble because these Mycoplasma strains are extremely powerfull strains that will reside for years in your body causing havoc. Just ask those percentage of patients whose CFD problem started after taking a Flu shot.

    If in doubt, just search " Mycoplasma Contamination Lab":

    Why Should We Be Concerned with Mycoplasma?
    Mycoplasma are a common contaminant of cell cultures. Because of their extremely small size and slow growth rate, the contamination is not readily discernable by routine laboratory methods. Mycoplasma, however, can have an insidious effect on any cell cultures they infect. Cultures containing one million mammalian cells, for example, may be infected with as many as five hundred million mycoplasma (Stanbridge, 1981). The presence of such a large number of contaminants can have drastic effects on the structure and function of the infected host cells such as:
    • Alterations in cell growth rate
    • Inhibited or stimulated cellular transformations
    • Potentially harmful morphological changes
    • Altered DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis
    • Altered enzyme actions
    • Chromosomal abnormalities
    • Reduced or increased virus yields
    • Depleted nutrients from growth media
    • Altered cell surface antigenic characteristics
    • Decreased malignancy of tumor cells
    These potentially negative effects of mycoplasma contamination on cultured cells make it clear that any data derived from mycoplasma infected cell cultures are of questionable accuracy and should be treated with caution and suspicion (Stanbridge, 1981).
    References: Stanbridge, Eric J. "Mycoplasma Detection – an Obligation to Scientific Accuracy." Israel J Med Sci
    17: 563-568 (1981).