flu shot?

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    When I was first diagnosed I asked my doctor if I ahould get a flu shot, since I had always done so. She said it was 50/50. Since then I have not gotten them, and this is why:
    I worked with 2 people that had Guainne Barre (Excuse spelling) Syndrome. One is wheelchair-bound and the other is plagued with wierd, serious, ilnesses that have left her a mess and jobless. Both were lucky to survive. I know CFIDS is not supposed to be related, but when I am weak, I an SO weak (especially in breathing) that I am afraid to take the chance. ( The flu shots are not recommended for those with that syndrome).
    During flu season I stay away from crowds, especially where there might be hugging or kissing. I go to the movies during the week, when there are few people. These are the choices that I have made so far. Terry
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    I always get a flu shot and it works well for me. But of course I still get colds that get me down for a week or so. Since I once had pnuemonia and pleurisy, I insisted that my doctor also give me a pnuemonia shot. He balked, but he gave it to me. I also stay away from crowds in winter and go to movies on weekdays, also to avoid the weekend crowds and idiots kicking the back of my chair.