flu shots and pneumonia shots pros and cons

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  1. Goldyfm

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    Well I did it! I took both a flu and pneumonia shot. I guess my question is a little late but I wondered how others felt about taking them since we are immunosuppressed somewhat. I had my new granddaughter (who was early) to factor into my decision. Anyone?
  2. JewelRA

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    I agonize over this every year. My rheumy always suggests that I get one. Some years I do, some years I don't. I haven't actually had the "regular" flu in many years, but I get the stomach virus that goes around on an all-too-regular basis. Wish there was a vaccine for that!!

    I worry about the mercury in the flu vaccine. And the fact that it is not always effective for the strain that is going around.

    I don't know. It's kind of a catch-22.
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  3. mrdad

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    Although already fatiqued from my blood disorder, I became
    extremely fatigued after a combo of "ammonia" and Flu
    shots about three years ago. Mention it to the Doc on my
    very next visit but suggested there could be no correlat-
    ion! Not convinced of that as he was the Doc who told me
    they had done my requested Lyme test when they had not
    I found out later after he left town!

    Did not get a shot last year and almost hospitalized my-
    self Xmas Eve as I was so sick with the Flu it actually
    freightened me! Gonna look unto a nasal alternative this
    year. There is an International Organization out of
    Europe called the BRIGHTON COLLABORATION that monitors
    effects of vaccinations. A reporting souce as well as the
    N.I.H. You may Google both.

    Good luck with your decision!
    JOE aka MRDAD
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  4. mary124

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    My doctors suggest I get the flu shot due to my heart condition. (had valve replacement about 4 years ago)
  5. FM58

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    My doc that specialized in treating CFIDS has recommended to me to get both.

    She told me to get the Flu shot in 1/2 doses. I already spoke to my PCP regarding that and he agreed to give it to me that way - because of her recommendation. :)

    I have not had the Flu vaccine in several years due to the shortage & my PCP's office inability to obtain it. So this year I am following my specialist's advice & getting it in the 1/2 dose at a time.

    I do have exposure to a friends twins who are now just over 12mo- however they were very premature, so can be quite suspitable. The twins, their parents & grandparents have all had their flu shots- so since I am involved in their lives also, I guess I need to get mine.

    I am also always exposed to my in-laws. My FIL is undergoing chemo & is almost 84- so, for his protection, I guess I need it. I am the "chauffer" for chemo & special doc appts.

    For Mr.Dad, looking into the nasal version of the flu vaccine - you need to be in "good health" to receive that vaccine. Since we are already immunio-compimised, think seriously regarding that avenue. I had that discussion a few years ago w/ my PCP, he suggested it- I said "no"- then he agreed w/ me. See if your doc will allow 1/2 doses. Good Luck w/ whatever you choose!

  6. rachel432

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    i'm not a huge advocate of the flu vaccine but i also don't think it's bad for you. but i do think the pnuemonia vaccine is a must for anyone who is immune comprimised or over 60. even though it doesn't protect against all types of pnuemonia it does protect you from the most common strains. the vaccine is good for 5yrs so you do have to get it once every 5yrs but at least it's not every year like the flu vaccine. also pnuemonia is an extremlt serious illness which people can and do die from. the vaccine is very effective and has relitivly few side effects.
    i hope this helps.