flu vaccine damage?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by a_lex, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. a_lex

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    Has anyone had experience of or is anyone aware of any literature linking onset of symptoms to the flu vaccine?
  2. patchwork

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    whose symptoms seemed to be triggered or worsened by Flu and Hep B vaccinations, so let us know if you do find any research on the links. My C.F.S went from bearable to flat out on a sofa for 6 years following a Flu shot.It affected me 24 hours later and I collapsed at work.......
  3. TaniaF

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    I sometimes blame taking the swine flu vaccine in the 80's as a precursor to my illness. They now said this was a "bad batch" and had caused many people to suffer with various syndomes. I stopped taking the flu vaccines for at least 15 years until this past year, I took a child's dose and the pneumonia shot after fighting a battle with walking pneumonia. The pneumonia shot did not bother me, but the baby flu shot made my ribs ache for about 2 weeks. I can say however that I was not ill this past winter. I probably will continue with the 1/2 dose this year ( I have asthma and MVP) but no more than this small dose. Hopefully my body will be better adjusted to the vaccine this time. I have not read where it causes FM or CFS, but who knows?
  4. dojomo

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    Thimerosal (mercury) from the Flu vaccines. My hunch is, alot of us are more sensitive to the effects of mercury than others......DJ
  5. Solstice

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    My experience was similar to what patchwork said.
    My CFIDS and FMS were bearable. I was still working. I got the flu shot thinking it would help me make it through the year in better shape. After getting it, I was on the couch for months. I have not been able to work since.

    And, in my research I have read that flu shots can bring on the symptoms of CFIDS and FMS. But it is not well known. I only read it one place. I believe it needs to be well known so that others don't make that mistake. I read that once you know you have these DD you should not get the vaccine.

    Wishing you well.