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    Usually my symptoms are pretty mild. Fatigue, lack of energy and drive, and a light-headed dizzyness are my most problematic symptoms. Still I am able to work full time. At times these flu-like symptoms are much worse and I feel so weak and dizzy I can't go to work. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 1/2 years ago. Since then when I've missed work it's usually been for about a week at a time, and often I've had a concurrent illness, such as a sinus infection. Then in January and February of this year I was down for over a month. My doctors didn't find any other illness or irregularities, and no treatments helped. It started and ended with no apparent cause or contributing factors. No added stress, no injury, no change in attitude or lifestyle. Now I'm missing work again. I've been out 7 days so far. I'm waiting for lab results and considering seeing a "specialist". However, most of what I've read about treatment options and research is focused on pain treatment. This feels more like sick than pain. These symptoms are more often associated with CFIDS. Suggestions I've read for dealing with them are mostly lifestyle changes- modifying the way one does things to conserve energy, avoiding over-exertion. But I didn't over-exert before this happened, and it's been 9 days now that I feel sickly. I don't think that's typical post exertion malaise. Maybe I just have to accept this is the way it will be at times, but it is difficult financially and emotionally. I work as an occupational therapy assistant in special education, and when I'm out, children don't get services they need. I'm under a good contract, but I still worry about job security. If there is something that can help me, I want to find it. Ideas, anyone?
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    Yes, I also experience most days with flulike symptoms the worst. Some days the pain is tolerable but I can just wake up and 2 hours later feel the chills, dizziness and the all over heavy fatigue as if 100 pound weights were attached to my arms and legs unable to even walk to the next room. The dizziness and lightheadedness with a spacey feeling is the worst for me. I current am under the care of a naturopath who is testing me thoroughly and so far I just posted today a message on taking Nux Vomica. Maybe look into naturopathic treatment if you haven't already. I had to go that route because I am medication sensative and they all make me feel more dizzy so I had to go the natural route. It has only been 2 months so still experiementing with treatment but so far the Nux is helping some.
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    Thanks for responding, sunflowerxo. I'll check out Nux Vomica and naturopathy. Can you, or anyone else out there, think of any other reasons I might be flairing up? They usually seem to be random.
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    When I go into a flare, I get extreme achiness to the point where I can hardly think straight, much worse than the usual fibrofog. It feels like the aching goes clear down to the bone. It is not sharp pain.

    I do have times when I experience dizziness, this does not necessarily happen when I have the achiness.

    Yes, make sure you get everything checked out. Are you running a temperature? When I get the achiness, I feel like I must be running a temperature but it is normal.

    Sometimes the flares do come out of the blue.

    Keep us posted and good luck.

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    My temp now is 99.7. Often when I have the chills among these other flu-like symptoms, I have a slight fever. Lab work is checking for any sign of inflammation or infection. My story is similar to jeerie's in that I usually feel like I'm just getting or just getting over the flu. But I tend to feel the worst when I first wake up and/or while getting ready for work or driving in. Once I've gotten engaged in work I almost always feel better soon. When I need to concentrate I often don't notice any symptoms. Activity doesn't usually make me feel worse.